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UK Trip: Day 5-London

8Apr (Monday):London
A good day begins with a good breakfast. And that is what we had in London.
We had cereal breakfast at the kitchen in our hostel-Astor Victoria.

Then this notice in the kitchen sink interest me:

Your Mother Is Not Here

YOU Wash your Dishes
Be Civilized, Be Independent

We should definitely tell the kids nowadays this.
After tat, we set off to explore London.
First stop: the Buckingham Palace.

This palace sure din disappoint me. It is SOOOO BIGGGG!!! Check out the ratio of the guards and the Palace...

Then look at the gates... really够气派...

In front of the Buckingham Palace there is a fountain. with green bronze statue around and a golden statue on top.

Trixie! I found you!

We reached there early, but too bad we dun really have the time to wait and see the changing of guards.. oh well..
Next stop: the Westminster Cathedral.

Here we took the lift up the tower, to have a bird's eye view of the Metropolis of London.

Views taken from the Campanile Tower of Westminster Cathedral in all 4 directions....
Enjoying enough of the cool breeze on the tower and the view of London, we continue our way down Victoria Street to the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament with the Big Ben. It looks very near in the tourist map we got, but took us longer than we thought.. the metropolis of London really is big.. Just within the boundaries of Greater London, there is already a population of 7million...

Okay.. back to Westminster Abbey.

The Great West Door and towers of the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, which is almost always referred to by its original name of Westminster Abbey

There is a reason why it is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site..
This Gothic church is magnificent! The carvings, the designs...

On the facade of the North Entrance, we can see the heavy Gothic elements of pointed arch, and flying buttress... a different feel compared to the West Door, which if shown separated, I might tot there were 2 different buildings..

Next to the Westminster Abbey lies the Church of St. Margaret.

After walking for the whole morning, we went in to have a short break, and immersed ourselves in that simple moment of peace.
Rejuvenated from the rest, we continue our walk towards the River Thames, where we can visit the Palace of Westminster (also known as Houses of Parliament), the Big Ben, and the London Eye.

From afar we can see the clock tower of the Big Ben.

As we walked nearer, we were greeted with the Cambridge Chimes.

Then, further down, the Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament is where the two Houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (the House of Lords and the House of Commons) meet to conduct their business. The palace is one of the largest parliament buildings in the world.

After this last building of the ensemble of UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with St Margaret's, and Westminster Abbey. We walk down River Thames to the London Eye.

The big bicycle wheel... The London Eye... Standing at the height of 135m on the South Bank of River Thames, it was the tallest Ferris Wheel. Well.. it WAS the tallest.. until it got surpassed by the The Star of Nanchang (160m) in May 2006, and then the Singapore Flyer (165m) on February 11, 2008...

But it still attracts millions of ppl every year.
and btw, this is the wheel the Fantastic 4 were saving in the Rise of the Silver Surfer.
After that, we took the Tube to London Bridge.

London Bridge is falling down.. falling down.. falling down..
London Bridge is falling down.. My fair lady..

And all this while I thought London Bridge is the one with the 2 towers...
But I was wrong...
This is London Bridge!!!

And THIS my friends, is Tower Bridge!!! my childhood 'London Bridge'

I wonder which idiot drew the Tower Bridge on the page together with the nursery rhyme 'London Bridge is Falling Down', giving me this wrong impression of the bridges over these years..

View of River Thames on the Tower Bridge
221b Baker Street is our next destination.
why particularly mention this address? you may ask...
This is the address of Sherlock Holmes, the famous fictional detective, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is so famous that people went to this address to look for him.

If Japanese mange freaks find this name familiar, you guys are right. This is the name used by 工藤 新一 (Kudo Shinichi) in 名侦探柯南 (Detective Conan). Kudo used the alias Conan, honoring Conan Doyle, in order to protect his real identity.
Last attraction for our London Trip: Madame Tussauds.

Madame Tussauds is a famous wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. It was set up by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud.

I have always heard of how real this wax figures were... and Seeing is believing...
This place is a true memory space killer for our camera. I shot almost half of the photos of London, in just 3 hours here.

We took photos with...


Cartoon Characters

Sports Star

Royal Families

Renowned Scientists

Famous Artists


Religious Leaders

Political Leaders

We also took a ride in the cart through the Chamber of History of London.
through the building of London, the Great Plague, the Great Fire of London, to the Rise of Modern London...

After dinner, we went to Oxford Street, for some shopping. We went to Primark to shop for clothes, and this is what I got

2 shirts, 1 short pants and 1 jeans. all for only GBP17. The jeans cost only GBP4. SUPER CHEAP!! Din know guy can be this high when go shopping for clothes. haha.
To end our day, we went around the London Eye, the London Bridge and Tower Bridge again to see its night view.. before heading back to our hostel at Victoria.

9Apr (Tuesday):London->Svasta(Stockholm)->Nyköpping->Lund
The next morning we woke up at 4am, to catch the bus at 5am for the 1h30m ride to Stansted Airport.
We then fly by Ryanair back to Svasta (Stockholm).
This is where Hiong n I say good bye to Kane since he is going back to Stockholm.
We took a bus to Nyköpping, and stone there watching movie til 5pm, to catch our train back to Lund..

All in all, this UK trip is very very very short considering the places we have to cover..
But I'm quite proud we manage to cover quite a lot of places.
Given the $$ and time, I would definitely wanna visit London and Edinburgh again.
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