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UK Trip: Day 4-Newcastle

7Apr (Monday):Newcastle->London
Newcastle looks like Manchester to me. A typical English city, I may say.

Buildings with modern architecture, people with distinctive Geordie accent..
but they do have one thing that is different, the River Tyne where most of its beautiful buildings are situated and one of the best night streets with girls wearing mini skirts and skimpy clothings in the cold post-winter air...
We walk down from Tess' place to the River Tyne.

The River Tyne is spanned by six bridges, which constitute the most famous view of the city. The Tyne Bridge is the best known, built in 1925-28.

Further up is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the first opening bridge to be built across the River Tyne for more than 100 years. It is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge.
What's interesting is that it was completed in one piece before hand and lifted into place by the Asian Hercules II, one of the world's largest floating cranes, on 20 November 2000.
Another thing is that it has six Hydraulic rams that can rotate the bridge back on large bearings to allow small ships and boats (up to 25m tall) to pass underneath. Its appearance during this manoeuvre has led to it being nicknamed the Blinking Eye Bridge.
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On the other side or River Tyne stood the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Sage Gateshead.

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. The name explains itself.. It is a place where international centre for art with constantly changing exhibitions and events. I found this book on Elephants. Big & Small, Long & Short, Square & Round,..... all the way until Boy & Girl.
really kena 炸到by the author....

Next to the Baltic, is the Sage Gateshead. The Sage is like the Esplanade of Singapore. It is a centre for musical education, performance and conferences. This building of curvy glass and stainless steel contains three performance spaces, a 1,700-seater, a 400-seater and a smaller rehearsal and performance hall.

Together with the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, they form part of the Gateshead Quays development.
After visiting River Tyne, we went to the High Street of Newcastle.

Like all High Streets around UK, here you see a lot of ppl.
We went into a few shops, most notably Primark, where they sell cheap but trendy clothes.

Tess introduce to Sausage Roll... I have been craving for pastries for months.. here i finally have a taste of one... and it was heavenly.....
nicely baked, layered flaky texture, airy and slightly fatty...
I miss tat a lot.....
After the High Street, we went to visit Tess' university, Northumbria University.

It has nicely-designed and modern building, very unlike those in NUS.
It is also rather spacious, also very unlike NUS.
The art students here studies arts like arts and music, very very much unlike NUS where FASS students study mostly social sciences instead of arts.
At the end of the day she treat our last dinner in Newcastle in Nando's Restaurant.

Really Really Really Thank you very muchie!!!
You guys make my trip to UK unforgettable, especially when I have my Norway Trip to compare to.. haha

From left: Me, Hiong, Kane, Tess, May (Tess' sister)
Hope to see you all during Chinese New Year next year in Kuching. then we can go out lim teh again. =)
One last look at the house that hosted us for 2 days..

One last look at the station that brought us here and took us away... ---------------------------------------------------------------
It was a long ride from Newcastle down to London.
Luckily there are power plug and wireless in the train.
*KTM, you should really learn from them... It's time u upgrade your lousy trains...

London! London! Here I COME!!
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