Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm a PC.. I'm a Mac..

I've been using Windows Vista for the past 5 months.

My experience:
1. Running a Vista on a 1GB RAM laptop is like running a XP on 256MB. All the useless animation is hogging up the RAM...
2. Software incompatibility. Need I say more...
3. System hang and crash. Dunno why my Microsoft Office 2003 dun run as stably as XP, esp MS Excel, which always crashes whenever I wanna save..

This describe my feeling when I'm using Vista.

This is when I was using Vista for the 1st time. Some stupid alert box keep popping up asking me to cancel OR allow. I turn it off after two days... Thanks Microsoft for putting in such useless stuff..

Sorry Microsoft.. I am 'downgrading' myself to Windows XP when I'm back...

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