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Renew Passport at High Comm of Malaysia in Singapore

Updated Post: 5 October 2015
After 5 years, I just recently renewed my passport at the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore.
I am surprised by the number of views this post has garnered. I am very thankful for the many useful comments from all of you, and I have consolidated them below. Credits to all who have contributed.
Now that the processes have been very much streamlined, I think I should update the contents of this post.

Malaysian High Commission in Singapore

High Commission of Malaysia,
301 Jervois Road,
Singapore 249077
Submission: 8am - 12:00pm
Collection: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Procedures for Malaysian International Passport Renewal
Things to prepare beforehand:
  • Malaysia Identity Card (Original & Photocopy)
  • Singapore IC: PR / Employment Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass (Original & photocopy)
  • Existing Malaysia Passport
  • Exact Cash S$66 (as of November 2016) S$66 (as of October 2015) S$84 (as of April 2015) S$124 (as of January 2015) 
  • Note: NO NEED to pre-print any form; NO NEED to bring photograph
  • Note: Cash amount subject to change according to current exchange rate. As I only renew once every 5 years, the amount posted here are based on readers' comments.

How to get there:

5 minWalk 218 m
Walk to the bus stop at Opposite Orchard MRT, Orchard Boulevard.
6 min
+7 min
Bus 14, 65
Board at Opposite Orchard MRT (09022), Orchard Boulevard in about 7 min. Alight at Valley Point Condominium, River Valley Road, 4 stops later.
7 minWalk 323 m
Walk to Malaysian High Commission.

(Google Maps link here)

Day 1-Morning (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)
  1. Exchange ID (anything except Malaysia & Singapore IC because you need it for the application) for a visitor pass at the guard house. You will receive a very much simplified A5-sized form (see image below).
  2. Queue (Counter 11) to have your documents checked and queue number issued (see image below).
  3. If everything is ok, Wait for your number to be called and have your photo taken on the spot (Counter 3-9, but only 3 camera).
  4. Submit your documents and passport and make payment. A 48-page passport now costs SGD66 (as of November 2016). A 50-page passport costs SGD124 at the time of my application, but it is subjected to changes due to currency fluctuations.
  5. Note: Although the official website says it is ready for collection after 3 working days, the officer at the counter asked me to come back the next day to collect. 
New passport renew form
New form
Day 1 Queue Number
Day 1 Queue Number

Day 2-Afternoon (2:30 pm - 4:00 pm)
  1. The next day, come back at 2.30 pm, exchange ID for pass. This time, the number on your pass is your queue number (see image below)
  2. Queue (Counter 7-9) for your visitor pass number to be called.
  3. Collect Passport and activate biometrics
Day 2 Visitor Pass/Queue Number
Day 2 Visitor Pass/Queue Number

I reached the High Commission at 8:45 am on a Thursday, got the number 1040. Finished everything by 9:23 am. Surprisingly fast.
The next day I got the queue number 14. They started calling the number at 2:30 pm sharp and the line moved rather fast. I gotten my new passport at 2:46 pm.
Kudos to the High Commission of Malaysia for making it so much simplified.

Original Post: 26 January 2010

With my very 1st passport expiring on May this year, I went to the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore to renew it.

High Commission of Malaysia,
301 Jervois Road,
Singapore 249077
Submission: 8am - 11:30am
Collection: 2:30pm - 4:15pm

Procedures for Malaysian International Passport Renewal
Things to prepare beforehand:

  • Form IM.42
    Download from this site (http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/information/downloadable-forms) or press HERE ), MUST print doublesided
    Alternatively, queue for the form at the High Comm
  • 2 passort photo (blue background, size:3.5 x 5cm)
  • Malaysia Identity Card (Original & Photocopy)
  • Existing Malaysia Passport
  • Singapore IC: PR / Employment Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass (Original & photocopy)

How to get there:

5 minWalk 218 m
Walk to the bus stop at Opposite Orchard MRT, Orchard Boulevard.
6 min
+7 min
Bus 14, 65
Board at Opposite Orchard MRT (09022), Orchard Boulevard in about 7 min. Alight at Valley Point Condominium, River Valley Road, 4 stops later.
7 minWalk 323 m
Walk to Malaysian High Commission.

(Google Maps link here)


  1. Exchange ID (anything except Malaysia & Singapore IC because you need it for the application) for a visitor pass at the guard house
  2. Queue (Counter 11) to have your documents checked and queue number issued
  3. If everything is ok, wait for your number to be called and submit your documents and passport (Counter 7-9)
  4. Queue (Counter 6) to make payment. A 32-page passport costs SGD124 at the time of my application, but it is subjected to changes due to currency fluctuations


  1. Come back at 2.30pm, exchange ID for pass
  2. Queue (Counter 7-9) for your visitor pass number to be called
  3. Collect Passport and activate biometrics

I reached the High Comm at 8.30am, queued for ~2 hours and finished everything at 10.30am.
Came back at 3.40pm, thinking that I only need to collect, but queued for another hour just to collect my passport and activate the biometrics.
The speed.. the attitude.. Man, I'm back in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Its exactly my experince for renewing my son,s passport. The procedure never change when out of Malaysia. What to ssay men, as long things can be done without going back to Malaysia, should be grace already.

GES said...

can't agree more.
The 1st time I went, I was told to go to the immigration office in JB to renew.

Anonymous said...

may i know how to update my new passport no at sinapore ICA wedsite? thanks a lot.

GES said...

What I did last time was I went to ICA and fill up a Transfer of REP (Re-Entry Permit) form.
Alternatively, I was told by the lady at the counter that I can do this using SingPass.

This is an intro to e-REP

And this the website to settle your REP online

Anonymous said...


most of the info above are correct except:

1. they are giving out free form when you get your visitor pass from the security booth
2. the gate is opened at about 730am to let everyone go in and wait.
3. the counter will be opened at about 750am. once you have everything ready, you can be the first one to process the application form even if you are not the first one to go in.

fill up the form, prepare one photocopy of your malaysia ic and PR IC, take your photo in blue background before hand. it will help to cut down the waiting time by half. we all went in together before the counter is opened, but i had to wait for 40min to take my photo while those who came late but with everything ready can get q number immediately and process before me.

GES said...

Thanks for the updates.
Like how you would suggest ppl to prepare the passport photo before hand, I would also suggest ppl to print the form DOUBLE-SIDED and fill them in before hand. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Today just came back from renewing my passport in Johor,Taman Tropika.
Pls be advised that the old Persekutuan passport office is still open and you can apply your passport there but collect only the next day cos your documents and passport need to be send to the new passport office to process at Taman Tropika.
If you need to return to Singapore to work then you have to take a taxi meter is around RM15 to Taman Tropika new Passport building.It will take around 3 hrs to complete and collect same day.
Those who want to take public bus to Taman Tropika will have to board a bus IMO3 from Larkin to Taman Tropika and drop outside the passport building nearby a taxi stand.Just walk in around 10 minutes only.Proceed to level 3 and just take a number to hand in your passport renewal form.I think if you are working in Singapore then go to Malaysia High Comm easier same timing to complete and no need go JB so troublesome.If you need to go JB to apply new or renew passport might as well take morning train from Singapore to Skudai around 1 hr only and walk to the Hypermarket where the passport office is located around 15 minutes walk only save on taxi fare and time.After complete can take bus or wait for next train back to singapore.Hope this will help u guys.I REGRET going to Taman Tropika passport office so bloody far from town waste money and time.

GES said...

Wow. it looks like a lot of hassle. I think I'll stick to renewing my passport in Singapore. Or when I'm back at home in Malaysia.

Thanks for the info!

shirley lee said...

I check online. if Renew a Malaysia passport in Singapore need to wait for 5 working days.. izit the real? or can collect at the same day ?

Anonymous said...

Online Passport Renewal Service

demi chong said...

Renewal 2nd time at high comm.
-Now very simple, just fill up 1 form get from guard house officer.
-Existing Malaysia Passport
-2 passport photo (blue background, size:3.5 x 5cm), inside also got machine for taking photo, SGD6 4pcs, officer will cut it for you.
-Malaysia Identity Card (Original & Photocopy)
-Singapore IC: PR / Employment Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass (Original & photocopy).
-Important! They got no money exchange for you, so must bring exact SGD124 notes, as they will put in envelope add on with your document.
R: Photocopy which blank/white color area must not have flaw/gray line, else they may ask to photocopy again.

I went on 17 July, wed morning about 0815am, done at 0930am, but collection is on Fri, think because of puasa now.

GES said...

Sounded the same as what I experienced last time. lol
But the waiting time seems to have shortened

Anonymous said...

You can find fillable DS-11 – Application for a U.S. Passport – 30 Day Draft – state form at PDFfiller.com by trying the sample link below
You can edit your form, fill the text fields, add a variety of checkmarks, digitally eSign the PDF form and even add pictures. After your PDF form is completed, it can be printed, emailed, faxed or saved on your computer. You can even send fillable PDF forms to your customers, employees, vendors and partners.

Anonymous said...

May i Know where can print the renew passport form ? The passport photo backgroud is white or blue?

GES said...

The latest form can be downloaded from here (http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/information/downloadable-forms)
Direct Link:

The recent one I used for other official purpose was still blue.

ang thiam siew said...

can anyone tells me if I were to renew my malaysian passport in the morning, can I get it in the afternoon on the same day, cos in the website stated 3 working days.

GES said...

For mine, I got it on the same day.
Time flies, This post was written 5 years ago.
So I will update the info if I'm going to the embassy to renew my passport this time round.

yen yik said...

Just do today and latest update is no need to print the form from website anymore, once reach there, exchange your ID at guard house and the guard will give u an entrance pass with a copy of small form, just fill up your current resident address in Sg, your Height, Sg contact number.
(I reach by 7:45am, and got my number 1020 which need to wait for 20 ppl, approx 1.5 hours to reach me)

Now no need to take photo anymore, which on the counter, the officer will take for you free once you submitted your documents.

Document required:-
1. A piece of form that obtained @ Guardhouse (please fill up after take)

2. Original SG Working Pass & Msia IC

3. Copy of SG Working Pass & Msia IC

4. Current Passport

5. Payment of S$124 (Exact Amount)

Time of submit your renewal: 8am onward (Will suggest you reach before 7:45am)

number will only give in @ counter 11(Enquiry counter) with your completed ducuments/attachment

Collection will be after 2-3 working days (included the submission day)

Anonymous said...

Just went to renew mind this morning. Reached @ 7.45am & settled @ 8.45am. About an hour.
1. no need IM42 form. New form issued when you collect the pass from guardhouse.
2. Ensure photocopy of Msia & SG ICs are in one copy. Separate copy of ICs will not be accepted.
3. Once you have all the doc ready, you will be asked to queue up.
4. No physical photo needed. Picture will be taken digitally on the spot, FOC.
5. Collection - the next day p.m.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the part on photocopy of SPR& MYCARD. To print both ICs on a single A4 paper or one A4 for each IC ?

Anonymous said...

Update as of 10-Feb-2015

1. Price reduce from S$124 to S$84. Please bring exact amount.

2. The new form only containing 4 parts and it takes less than a minute to fill up. The guard will issue to you when you change your pass at the guard post.

3. Make sure you switch off the phone before renewing or collecting the passport at the counter.

4. Make sure you tell the guard you are collecting passport during change of pass, so you get the correct pass with correct queue number.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have just done mine. Around 1.5hours about 30 queue numbers, pretty fast processing. Collection next day. PS Had Msia IC photocopy front and back on 1 A4 paper. Did the same for SG IC so, 1 A4 for each IC

Leong Giap Teh said...

Renew passport and take passport need how long time 1day or 2day??

Anonymous said...

My updates as of 17Mar2015: If you were renewing your child's passport (age below 12yo), here are some advice. You need the following documents: 1) Child's Birth Certificate; 2) Borang W (for SG born child); 3) Child's Re-entry Permit; 4) Child's Passport; 5) Father/Mother's Malaysia IC and Singapore IC. All documents need to be photocopied except passport.

During school term break, go earlier to beat the queue.

While exchanging for the security pass, you will be given a simplified renewal form which will fill up 4 items i.e. Current Address in SG, Height, Marital Status & Contact number. However, if you have lost your passport or other than the simple renewal, you will require to fill up the 2-page long full application form.

If there were many applicants, you will get to queue up for document inspection by an Indian woman whom I think should be given a long service award, as this was the same woman attended to me almost 20 years ago. However, her instructions were always unclear. That was the moment you will need to photocopy your document if you didn't do so.

NO photo taking is required at this point. Therefore no need to hurry for a photo-taking as they already have digital camera at counter 3, 7 & 9. The counter lady will take your photo while processing your application. BTW, if you have a grey hair or white hair, you have to jump out of the queue to take at the photo booth, this is because the background panel at the counter is white. There you need to pay $7. The machine accepts $10 note.

After the inspection, you will proceed to another queue at counter 11 to get a queue number. This is the moment you wait and wait. It will only serve you up to 12pm or 11:30am on Friday.

If you were lucky, your passport will be ready by next day or otherwise it will be 2 days later. For instance, if they process your application on Monday, you only can collect on Wednesday at most. The date will be stamped on your queue number slip.

Anonymous said...

Addition to my earlier post: The new passport renewal fee for an Adult is S$84 and a Child is S$42.

Shierly Bong said...

Can collect by the same day?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your information.
Was looking/searching for the the form to download until I read your blog ... thanks.
So much more informative that the official site.
Being a senior, I was in the priority Q.
Procedure exactly as you described.
In @ 8:00 out @ 8:20 - super fast ever.
There weren't not many ppl today too for the ordinary folks.
Thanks once again for your informative blog.

Unknown said...

Hi! Great post! I just renewed my passport yesterday at the high Comm in Singapore. Am I allowed to leave Singapore immediately after? Or do I still need to update ICA on my new passport details?

Im so scared I would be stuck at the customs.. lol

Thanks in advance! :)

Two Hands Caricaturist said...

Thank you very much for your update! Very useful info ;p

sarah yusoff said...

Bless u! Tqvm for ur useful info!!!

Two Hands Caricaturist said...

High Comm Passport renewal)
Hi Bro , thanks for your info about the passport renewal.
I am here to give some update as I collected my new passport today (16 Apr 2015)
Standard rate for 48pages Passport valid for 5 years, Please PREPARE EXACT AMOUNT:
- SGD84
- SGD42 for senior citizen (60years old and above)

>>First day:
- I went to the High Comm 7.50am, the queue number get from the guard house at the entrance by exchange any of your card with your name (eg. Credit card, driving license etc..)

- The security officer gave an A5 size form for me to fill up to submit with your related documents, and great that was a real simple fill up like Name, Address, email etc!
- went in the office, the coordinate officer will ask you to take a seat,
they will always arrange senior citizen applicant (60 years old and above) in priority, that is the great thing ;p (in Malaysia as well)
- 1 photocopy of your both side NRIC and 1 photocopy of your PR NRIC/Work permit etc.
- both copy MUST IN SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER. Otherwise will be ask to photocopy again.
>The queue
- part1, the officer verify your passport, photocopies, NRIC etc… and then proceed to part2
- part2, the officer will do the processing like ask for thumb and thumb print etc
- part3, you will be TAKE PHOTO ON THE SPOT by using the HI-Tech Camera right in front the counter!
*So you need to wear a proper attire and do necessary light make up (for female applicant)

Thought that’s the reason not require to bring photo (it was very logic and best security purpose that take the applicant’s photo on the spot, to avoid any photo different from the real person/ wrong background/wrong size etc.)

The counter open 8.30am sharp, the queue was very fast, my queue number was 022, and I came out of the office about 9am!

>>Second day:
- I arrived 2.15pm, get my queue number at the guard house again, my pass number 042
- went in the office and the coordinate officer said the queue was follow your pass number (which my pass number was 042, in my view, this is a perfect way of queue control!)
>The queue
- the coordinate office will get the senior citizen applicant get process in priority
- she will call about 5 – 10 applicants to the queue according their queue number each time
The counter open 2.30pm sharp, the queue was very fast, I am the number 42nd who collect my passport, and I came out of the office about 2.45pm!
In my observation, the collection time for each applicant only within 2 minutes!
That’s amazing and Super Great!
This was my 3rd time doing renewal down here, that was a though process in last time, but for this time I give 100/100 full marks for both days services from High Comm ;P

GES said...

Thank you all for your comments!! I'm flattered!

The price reduction of passport from SGD124 to SGD84 (RM300 to RM200) occurs just few weeks after I changed mine..
Sien to the max..
I updated the content to the latest price.
Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating your blog. High comm and imi website really cannot make it have to depend on private blog.

Junli Lim said...

Hi, thanks for the useful info. Just update here that the fee has dropped further from S$84 to S$66 for adult and S$33 for senior citizen. Must pay in exact amount as usual.

GES said...

Wow, they do update according to the current exchange rate.
Thanks for the heads up.
Will update accordingly.

Anonymous said...

If I'm Malaysian but only visiting Singapore, and residing in Australia, will I be able to renew my passport in Singapore's Malaysian High Commission ???

GES said...

I don't think so...
According to this website (http://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/passport_renewal), you need to produce an "Original and photocopy of Singapore PR Identity Card/ Employment Pass/ Dependent Pass/ 'S' Pass/ Work Permit/ Student Pass/ Long Term Pass as proof of residing in Singapore."
Moreover, you will need 2 days to get it done. 1 day to submit, then come back the next day for collection.

Maybe a better idea would be to do it in Johor Bahru? You can get everything done within a few hours if you arrive early at the UTC at Galleria@Kotaraya, located right next to JB City Square, which is just across the JB custom.

Some have good experience doing the passport renewal,

Some have bad experience.

Points to take note if you decided to do it at the JB UTC:
1) wear proper clothings, long pants, no sleeveless, etc.
2) renew your Malaysian IC 1st (RM10 only)

Anonymous said...

Just did my passport.Good thing I read your blog before l went there.
Arrived 9.45 am at guard house after driving round and round. Didnt see that it was just diagonally across to the petrol station.
There were about 5 people queuing at counter 10 and l joined them. Many thought that the number given by the guard was the number to be called. They realised that later and all queued after me.
Left that place at 10.05 am as l was given a priority queue number being a senior citizen.
Is a big drop from RM300 5 years ago.
I will take the bus to collect tomorrow.Is easier. Get down at ValleyPoint.Cross the overhead bridge , turn left then turn right.Easier then finding a parking space.

Casslyn Chan said...

Can I do the submission in the afternoon? The web says 8am-12pm but I saw your tickets says submission: 8am-5pm. I might be unable to make it in the morning due to work.

GES said...

@Casslyn, I am not too sure. I would follow what is stated in the website and go earlier. But you can always give them a call and ask them. their number is 6235 0111, and they are nice people.
email: singapore@imi.gov.my

thompsonboy said...

Thank you for the information provided here.

Everything is accurate except there's TONS of people now because its December.

Information still accurate as of 9 December 2015

stheng said...

Do i able to renew my passport if my expired date still have 1year 1month to go?

GES said...

Yes, you can, but you will forfeit 7 month of your passport. Only balance of the passport validity not more than 6 months can be carried forward when you renew.

I give you two scenarios to better illustrate, say using 1/1/2016 as your date of renewal.

Scenario 1 (less than 6 month balance)
Old passport expiry: 1 Mar 2016 (2 mth balance)
Passport renewal: 1 Jan 2016
New passport expiry: 1 Mar 2021 (5 yr + 2 mth from date of renewal)

Scenario 2 (more than 6 month balance)
Old passport expiry: 1 Feb 2017 (1 yr 1 mth balance, as in your case)
Passport renewal: 1 Jan 2016
New passport expiry: 1 Jul 2021 (5 yr + 6 mth from date of renewal)

So unless you are going to a place where you can't renew your passport, always renew it when it is less than 6 months till expiry in order to max its value to money. Can understand?

stheng said...

Yes. Very clear explanation. Thanks.

Caryn said...

Hi hi, just wondering if the renewal can be done within a single day?

GES said...

@Caryn, the whole renewal process takes 2 days. Day 1 for submission, Day 2 for collection.
If you need it done within one day, an alternative is to have your passport renewed at the UTC Johor at Galeria Kotaraya. It's just 10 min walk from City Square across the causeway.
Operating hours:
Monday-Sunday : 8.30 am - 10.00 pm
*Friday Closed On: 12.15pm-2.45pm
*Closed On Public Holiday
(extracted from http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/information/operation-hour)
As always, go early. I'm bit skeptical about it closing at 10pm though....

Anonymous said...

For child passport renewal, do I need to bring along the child during collection?

GES said...

Wow. that's a good question.
Quick answer is I don't know.
But for security reasons, I think your child would have to be physically present for submission (to take photo) and collection (to activate biometric via fingerprint) the next day.

Anonymous said...

I did my passport renewal yesterday.The entire process went on very smoothly and waiting time was short.
Currently the charge is S$70 as at 25-5-2016.

GES said...

Thanks for the info!
I will update the post accordingly.

Wee Onn said...

Hi, I came across this instruction on the main web page:


All Malaysians living abroad are encouraged to register themselves at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/High Commission as stipulated in item 5 of the Malaysia Passport that reads "Malaysian residing abroad must register with the respective Malaysian Mission Office". Malaysians can now register online using the E-Consular Application (please use your IC Number for identification) at the following link: https://ekonsular.kln.gov.my/ and submit together with passport application form at the Consular/Immigration Section, High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore.

Do you register? Should I register?

GES said...

I did, but that's also because we were told to register with the High Comm when I did my Registration of Marriage with them few years back.

It is voluntary, but I guess the information are used to make sure you are safe when special circumstances arise, e.g. natural disasters, civil unrest. Not as critical in a country like Singapore, but if you happen to travel/reside in countries that is relatively unsafe, it might be wise to update our country's embassy.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just wanted to clarify whether my IC photocopy would need to be in colour? Or is it okay if I print it in black and white?

GES said...

Black and White is sufficient.

Isabelle Chong said...

Hi, May i know will the original passport will being taken by the officer before we get the new passport? thanks!

GES said...

The last time I renewed, I have to surrender my old passport for a day while they do the renewal.
Then the next day during collection I will received both my new and old passport.
There's a cut in my old passport though. Think they remove the biometric chip or something.

Samantha Low said...

I'll be gg to renew my passport today. Just got confused onhow to count the 5 years expiry date. My passport expiring in May 2017. So if I renew 8 Aug 2016, new expiry date will be 8 Feb 2021?

Samantha Low said...

I'll be gg to renew my passport today. Just got confused onhow to count the 5 years expiry date. My passport expiring in May 2017. So if I renew 8 Aug 2016, new expiry date will be 8 Feb 2021?

GES said...

The new passport expiry is 5 yr + up to 6 mth from date of renewal.
So if you renew on 8 August 2016, your expiry would be some time in February 2022.
You can refer to the example I posted above in the comment section on 29 December 2015. =)

Jasvinder Kaur said...

If im going with a newborn baby, do i need to bring photo or still will be able to take on the spot? Does it need to be blue or white background?

GES said...

Dear Jasvinder, please refer to the website from the Malaysian MFA below.

You need to bring
4 pcs of passport photograph of child (white background)
2 pcs of passport photograph of both parents (note: 2 pcs each)

for complete conditions of application and fee/doc to the submitted please refer to the website.
too much for me to reply here. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post! I just renewed my passport yesterday but it wasn't as quick as I imagined it to be (waited for about two hours before it was my turn). I paid $66 for the passport renewal!

Anonymous said...

anyone tried update kid's passport photo at High Comm? What is the process like? thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, anyone tried update kids' passport photo before at High Comm? May i know what is the process like?


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's $66 sgd for adults now. I just went there today. Thank you for the post! It helped me a lot! 😊

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for your post! It really has helped me a lot! I went there today and the price for adult has changed to $66 SGD.

GES said...

Thanks for the info!
I will update the post accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i check will they accept submission @ 2.00pm onwards? I see most comments everyone goes in the early morning.

GES said...

Nop. For passport renewal, submission is in the morning, collection in the afternoon.
Submission time is 8am - 12pm
(Note 8am - 11.30am on Friday)
Collection time is 2.30pm - 4pm

More info from the official website here. you can scroll down to see their opening hours.

CCY said...

Hi. Am Travelling to Sydney nx Sunday and just realised my Msian passport is expiring ngam ngam 6 months! Will they let me leave and enter SG?

After I renew my passport? What do I need to do in ICA? And how Long will it take?

Appreciate any guidance cos scare all the administrative stuff gonna make me lose my Sydney trip!

GES said...

Leaving the country isn't a problem. The problem usually lies with the country you are entering. In this case, the Australian Immigration may not grant you entrance to their land with an expiring passport.

I would suggest you to quickly renew your passport at the Malaysia High Comm following what I mentioned in the blog and info added by other readers in the comments. It only takes 2 days.
Day 1 morning for submission. Day 2 afternoon for collection.
After that you just need to update ICA with your new passport number, which can be done online if you have a SingPass. i.e. If you are a PR, just update your re-entry permit online (https://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=502). It is free and can usually be done within a day.

So in total you will need only 2 days.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy your Sydney trip!!

Anonymous said...

Fee reduced to $64 starts on 9 Jan 2017!!

Thanks for the tips "Orchard Boulevard's Bus stop. 09022" took 4 stops only real fast reached!

Today I reached 10.30am. Get ready original & a photocopy of both Msia+PR ic in one page. With a filled up simple form. Then only can proceed Counter 10 get Q no. Got 50 person ahead me. System down some more. Waited till 1.30pm do as partial applicants had left for next day come again do. Get ready $64 beforehand. Got Counter 6 which thumbprint me 8 times as system keep hang. Its photo booth also spoilt. So, I have to go other Counter snap photo. Remember wear dark shirt. Smile cannot show teeth. Collect passport only on next day (no acception), unless go JB Kotaraya do might get on same day. We are to advise go ard 3+pm no crowd. As 2.30pm open many people.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Quick question please. Do I need to surrender my passport on Day 1 and collect back the new one on Day 2? I might need my passport for business travel on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance!

GES said...

yup. you have to surrender your passport on Day 1.
they will remove the chip in the back cover of the passport.
If you need it done in a day I suggest you visit the UTC at JB just across the causeway, right next to City Square.
UTC Johor at Galleria @ Kotaraya

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the useful guideline. I need to go tomorrow. Can I bring along a friend to accompany me? Is he/she allowed to go in with me?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if I can change add on MyKad in the High Comm here? Thanks!