Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday. Malaysia...

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!




Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hokkien Umbrella Song

Hokkien Version of Umbrella


Official Version of Rihanna's Umbrella


Mandy Moore Version of Umbrella

Sweet... Soothing...

Vanilla Sky Version of Umbrella


How many version of Umbrella have you seen???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KE - an Eventful Week

KE had an eventful week last week.
From AGM to CCA Interview to fire drill, everything was back to back.

I dropped by comm hall after I finish my exp at ~9pm, hoping to catch at least the main part of the AGM (which started at 8.30pm). To my surprise, they had passed almost everything and reached the Committee Reports.
But just sitting there for 5 mins I kinda know why it was so fast... Almost everybody just sat there, flipping through the AGM report briefly. Most of the time nobody even bothered to propose or second the minutes/reports.
It's quite saddening... Either last year was really so good and so smooth that everyone has no comments nor suggestions, OR everyone just don't really give a damn or don't dare to voice out. I really hope it was the former, but the fact that there were still people chit-chatting behind on some 'concerns' kinda suggested the later...
Why nobody ask about who's gonna bear the combined loss of S$8000+ of the 4 major productions.
Why nobody ask what had the Culture Sec done for the past year.
Why wasn't the list of inventory held by each CCA for AY2007/08 there for comparison.
Why this.
Why that.
Kinda miss the days where there where ppl like Lincoln would voice out whatever S*** that he thinks is unfair.

That said... Although there are ups and downs, AY2008/09 was still a good year to graduate in.
辛苦了52nd JCRC, 加油吧 53rd JCRC
How contrasting...
I dropped by Dining Hall to join the CCA interview for XQRJ the next few days.
Like what the seniors of the yesteryears had done for us, we were there to introduce the comm and each department to the freshmen while they were waiting for the queue to be interviewed.
Looking at the earnestness of the X12 heads, and the eagerness of the bunch of freshmen, I felt gratified...

加油吧! X12!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

NLB Library Book Sale 好便宜啊!!!

Saw an announcement on the NLB Book Sales on last Friday's 9 o'clock news.
It is the 10th NLB Book Sales this year, and heard it's gonna be big with 400,000+ books and magazines to be sold.

So I went with my sister and to EXPO the next day to see if we can get some good bargain.
Upon reaching the Tanah Merah MRT Interchange, I can already feel the difference. Usually there will be empty seats whenever I'm on my way to Changi Airport. But not today... Although there are still ample space to stand, all seats in every train carriage are taken.

The Library Book Sale is at Singapore Expo Hall 6A. We were there around noon. Even before entering the hall, we already see the early birds coming out with heavy bags full of books. Some even need a small trolley to aid them carry the books.. Very 夸张..
But then again, I should have already expected that. It's like all other events with good bargain in Singapore, eg. John Little Sales, last day of COMEX, etc, people will just swarm the venue...

As I enter Hall 6A, what come into eye is people clogging the walkway, esp around those popular genres of books. Really unlike what I would expect from 有文化的读书人.
But who's to be blamed? The bargain is really very very good! All books going at S$2, magazines in packs of ten selling at S$5, n malay & tamil books going at S$1.
Imagine getting 10 National Geographic magazines at only S$5!
From time to time the worker will rearrange those remaining books on several racks onto one, and bring out the empty rack to the store behind to replenish books. Although it's not an easy task to ease their way out in the crowd, I must say the Organising Committee had given it some thoughts in finding a best way to systematically control the flow of people in and books out.
*some how I have a feeling that if this were in M'sia, the organising committee will put all 400,000+ books in the hall at one go, then the workers will go tangkap ular or lim teh at some corner...*
After scanning through the books and roughly choosing what we want, we went to the 'filtering' area at the very back to choose those we really want to buy.

Got myself 4 books:
3 travel guide books: 2 full-coloured guide on China & Brazil, and 1 Lonely Planet guide on Australia
1 self-development book: When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses

All THESE for only S$8!!! Definitely the best deal I ever got!
Like every events, no matter how good it is, there will be people who complains.
I heard people complaining the books had been repeating for many years. Well... for obvious reasons.. if nobody buys it, of course it will be there for every book sales...
Personally I just hope people can be bit more civilized, if the books are arranged back to back with the spine bearing the cover facing upward, don't just simply throw the books on the rack after flipping through the content... you only need one person to start throwing to start the chain reaction...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Biggest Birthday Present

Received my biggest Birthday Present yesterday.
After waiting for 4 years, King Edward VII Hall Float Team finally grab the OVERALL BEST FLOAT award home...

Congratulations to KE7 Float Team - KE NOVO for winning:
NUS President’s Challenge Shield – BEST FLOAT
NUSSU Challenge Shield –
Most Environmentally Friendly Float

Thanks, floaters
for making my last 2 weeks of camping in hall well worth.

This is a tribute to you all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Commemorating 04:05:06 07-08-09

At this moment...

The Time & Date is:
04:05:06 07-08-09

This will not happen again until the year 3009