Friday, January 22, 2010

Complete Set of Doraemon Chinese Horoscope Toys

Bought the last 3 Doraemon soft toys just now.
The customer traffic at McDonald@NUS during holidays and term time really differ a lot. In the holidays, I can still buy all 3 toys released that week after a few days. After school starts, by the time I reached McD after work, all 3 were sold out on the day of release...

My Complete set of Doraemon Soft Toys

'11' 生肖 + 1 Cu-Pig
Anyway, I'm bit disappointed that pig was not included in the set of Doraemon Chinese Horoscope soft toys. They changed the Pig to Cupid, a Doraemon holding a heart (instead of wearing a pig costume).
Well.. They can reason that it's because this year's Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day that they are riding on the Valentine's Day gift frenzy. But they could have release the Cupid as a 13th Doraemon.
Which leads the wide public to speculate that it has to be because McD is afraid of offending the Malay community, or it has something to do with their Halal license.
Never expected things like this to occur in Singapore.
If it happens in Malaysia then I'm not so surprise... But here in Singapore?!?

Oh ya! Not sure about the other places in Malaysia, but the Chinese Calendars I used to see in Kuching don't even have picture of Pig, instead the chinese character '猪' is printed. As if looking at a pig is a taboo that can blind them...

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