Friday, January 30, 2009

捞鱼生 Dry Run

After watching our HallPlay~Pygmalion, our dear bear cio for 捞鱼生.
Woo Hoo!~
Long time din 捞 already.

The '鱼生' from the original packet
Where's the fish??

The '鱼生' after we 加料 =)

The crew behind the 捞鱼生 Dry Run
So sorry many were blocked by the big-heads in front

1! 2! 3! 捞啊!!!

Many thanks to Bear for initiating this 捞鱼生
Looking forward to the actual 捞
A side story after the 捞鱼生Dry Run

Somehow it has become a custom in my room..
Whenever we have supper, those who had not watch it will be force to watch THIS
It is as if everyone have to go through this ritual to be called a man

What could have caused these people to behave like THIS?!?

The truth is out there...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

回来咯... The Way Back...

After a short Chinese New Year break, it's time to leave for S'pore again.
Suppose to meet Joanne in the airport cos we are taking the same flight back,
but end up seeing a lot more people than I expected.
Met Christina and Rachel in the airport
Saw Elaine and Tara queuing together.
Greeted Anderson as he enter the plane
Bump into Sherina when we alight the plane and walk towards baggage claim area.
Seems like everybody is taking the same 6:40pm AK6673 flight from Kuching to Singapore.

It's good to see so many people I know on the same plane, though it is not as coincident as it seems.
School/work should have started, but everyone just take an extra day off today, returning tonight and resume work tomorrow.

Sien... I am still in my Chinese New Year mood.

As we came into the baggage claim area.
I saw what looks like a group of fans waiting for their 偶像 with a long banner.
I cant remember what else is on the banner but I do remember 2 big n striking words :'元畅'

Then as always, 别人拍偶像, 我拍别人拍偶像
When '元畅' come out with his bright yellow hoodie and cap, there was a big HOO-HAA in the arrival hall.
In my memories, I vaguely remember a taiwanese star called 郑元畅.
Is it him? I dunno.
Long time din watch those 台湾偶像剧, so dunno how do these new-age celebrities look like.

Anyway, for those who fancy him, here's a photo to add to your collection.
Too bad I can only catch the back of him.

An Occupied Chinese New Year~ CNY is all about GATHERINGS!!!

Had a very occupied Chinese New Year indeed this time.

21 Jan 2009 (Wed)
Night: Gathering with Kane, Kyle, Chiau Fang & Tze Phin in Ria Ayam Penget, Lucky Plaza.

22 Jan 2009 (Thu)
Night: X8 Steamboat gathering at 川一品, Bugis.
p/s: if you like authentic steamboat, dun go here, cos the soup dun even boil... -_-|||
but if you like meat more than anything, they have the freshest* meat I have ever eaten from a steamboat shop. freshly sliced from a frozen meat block in front of you.
* by steamboat standard

Midnight: Gathering with those in KE7 at My room @E713
I miss the 年糕 (but i dun miss the BOWL). and had consulted my mum how to prepare them such that the egg will stick to the 年糕. let's do it again

23 Jan 2009 (Fri)
Night: Fly back Kuching, flight delayed, reach Kuching too late to do anything.

24 Jan 2009 (Sat)
Night: Greenians gathering at Sidewalk.
Definitely the biggest gathering so far. We occupied almost half the cafe.
Nice to see friends coming back from all over the globe, UK, Australia, etc..

25 Jan 2009 (Sun)
Reunion Dinner gathering of my relatives at my 大舅's house.
Nice food, nice company, nice talk, just what I yearn most

26 Jan 2009 (Mon)
Morning-afternoon: 年初一 大拜年.
As always, all close relatives come to my house for visit.

Night: went visiting with Kane, Pao, Tiong to Sai Kwong's place for open house. then to Yan Yi and Jen's house.

27 Jan 2009 (Tue)
Morning-afternoon: Went visiting my old Green Road classmates, to catch up on old times...
Taken at Sharon's place

Night: Went to Xiang Ru place to meet up with my 居士林friends.

28 Jan 2009 (Wed) ~Last day in Kuching.
Morning-afternoon: Visit Joanne's house with Kane and Geri.
After coming to do some final packing, went visiting again to Chia Ching and Ah Guan's place.
Taken at Guan's house

Evening: Caught the 6.40pm flight back to Singapore...
Bye Bye~ Kuching...

A very occupied Chinese New Year indeed

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fireworks around Kuching

I dunno how other ppl celebrates Chinese New Year cos I spent all but 1 Chinese New Year in Kuching.
the only year I was away was when I was in Lund, Sweden, where nobody but Asians care about CNY.
In Kuching, we welcome the arrival of the new year with lotsa lotsa fireworks.
It may sound bit exaggerating, but think bout this
In official occasion like National Day, the fireworks are as beautiful, but it will only be light up at some designated area.
For CNY, wherever there are Chinese, you will see fireworks shooting up into the sky
You will be surrounded, by rockets of fireworks and waves of firecracker cracking.

As early as 11.45pm, people are already playing with fireworks.
And the intensity only gets higher as time draws closer to midnight.

As the clock strike 12. Fireworks and firecrackers roar into life.
The remaining 30mins of excessive fireworks just cant be nicely expressed with mere words.
So I will let pictures do the talking.

Before 12am (25 January 2009)

After 12am (26 January 2009)
Some garden fireworks

My Firecracker.

Yes..a lot less interesting
But that's my family's idea of playing with fireworks/firecrackers:
Play a bit to be a part of this festive season, but not to go too much as to burn money away for a few seconds of enjoyment.

But to be honest, although the whole thing still spam ~45min, this years I see a lot less fireworks & firecrackers.
Direct effect from the economic crisis, I supposed...

In time of this crisis, just wanna wish everyone

Happy '牛' Year!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

回家咯~ The Way Home~

It's Chinese New Year again.
Time to fly back home.
Instead, This early bird got the direct flight back from Changi Airport to Kuching International Airport from Air Asia for S$219.
Woo Hoo! no more fuss and hassle of boarding and alighting the bus at the JB and S'pore custom checkpoints.

In Terminal 1, after checking in, we were told that the plane were retimed..
The 8.35pm flight was retimed to 9+pm
That gave us plenty of time to roam around.

In the main walkway, right after the check-in counters, were a few stalls promoting Chinese traditional stuff, like 花鸟字, 剪纸, 丁丁糖, allowing us to try out, and giving them away freely. well.. mainly to kids and foreigners..
But who cares, we thick-skinly went forward and 'ㄟ' some 丁丁糖 & 剪纸 for free. =)

What's next is even more happening,
We were greeted by lion dance performance, and Uncle 财.
This time, we thick-skinly went forward and 'ㄟ' some Ang-Pow from Uncle 财. =)

Lion Dance Stunts.

Geri Foo Ting Ting's Candy Shop

Taa daa! Our Ang-Pow from Uncle 财.
Chocolate gold coins only la...



喔喔喔喔 回家了啰

喔喔喔喔 天下的爹娘

喔喔喔喔 喔喔喔喔
家是游子永远的避风港 喔~

Attachment: 阿牛回乡过年记.mp3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Macross Frontier ~超时空要塞-开拓者~

Just finish watching Macross Frontier,
another anime from the long-running Macross series.
Had been waiting for a more 像样 anime for quite some time, after Tengen Toppa-Gurren Lagann (天元突破-红莲之眼), and this 3rd Macross TV series didn't disappoint me at all.

The details on the transformable Valkyrie Fighter jets and Vajra aliens
The details on the dogfights, the flying missles, and explosions
The details on the background
Can see that a lot of effort, money and time were put into the production of this anime
The story is set in the year 2059, many years after the crash of the alien starship which was studied by human to be used to create technological advancement that now allow the human to create mechas, and starships thattravel faster-than-light (through Space Fold).
After the destruction of Earth in the 1st Space War, many Macross fleet flee to find another habitable planet. Macross Frontier, one of the human space colony fleet assigned to travel and search near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, were threatened by attacks from an alien species, Vajra.
The story is centered around 3 teenage and how the fleet of Macross Frontier overcome the crisis of alien attacks.

Like every Macross series, the way the aliens respond to songs is a key component to the plot. And thus Macross Frontier features many many nice songs.
Below are some of my personal favourite

An intro to the movie which feature the main characters, the dogfights, the Valkyrie transformable figther jets.

First Opening Theme - Triangler

Second Opening Theme - Lion

Featuring Seikan Hikou by Ranka Lee, the very Kawaii lead female character







罹患Pik Wei型干巴巴症的




Tuesday, January 13, 2009

注意!! 牛年不能說的吉祥話


三、万事如意~万市如忆 (股市万点已成追忆…苦啊…)

还有!还有! 千千万万不要喝…仙草蜜~先炒

Monday, January 12, 2009


First day of school, and I'm thinking of Chinese New Year.
Can't help it.
Take away Saturday and Sunday, there are only 10 school days
to the date I would be flying back to Land of Kolomee.

Woo hoo!
Kolomee, Laksa, Char Kueh Teow, Kueh Chap.. Wait for me..
I'm coming home again.
Yesterday went to John Little Sales at Expo with Shin, Kane, Ellen & Charlie.
To surprisingly, it isn't as crowded as I thought, as compared to those PC fair like, COMEX.
Well.. maybe everyone came during the 1st two days to buy all the goodies.
Unlike PC fair, where you can bargain for cheaper price and more freebies on the last days especially when it is about to close,
In this kind of John Little or Robinson sales, going later doesn't benefit at all.
In fact, all the common sizes will be snatched by the early birds, leaving behind clothes that are either too big or too small for average Asian man.

I bought 2 shirts, undies, socks, and swimwear + 2 Famous Amos cookies.
Now left with a pair of shoes to buy, and maybe one more shirt and that's it for New Year.
*My last pair of shoes was badly infested with ants in the cracks on the sole, over the holiday that I have to throw them away...

Gonna control my buying for the next semester...
Just the thought of having to move all the stuff by the end of the sem exhausts me..


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back from E712 to E713

I am back!
To those who frequent my blog, a sincere apology to all of you.

I just move back to my room few days back.
But this time, I dun bother to unpack my stuff.
Just one more sem in KE7, I dun wanna go through all the process of packing again..
This December holiday is not a very boring holiday, but it is a very slack holiday.
So slack that I dun even wanna blog.
With so many free time to slowly do things.. which finally resulted in not accomplishing anything. =)

Looking back, this is the first time I spent my Dec holiday this way.
In my Year 1 & 2, I was busy all over with XQRJ
Year 3, I was back at home, preparing for my semester of Exchange Studies in Sweden.
This holiday, though I still wake up ~9am,
I just nua & nua, til 10+am...
watch a few episodes of anime..
surf net randomly..
catch a few mice..
all the way til noon...
and finally have a brunch before setting off for lab to do my FYP.
then at night, its anime, random websites & blogs, and mice again..
and the cycle repeats itself everyday...
School is starting tomorrow...
At this will be my last semester in NUS..