Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gathering before Leaving for Chinese New Year 2010

Here in Singapore, it just doesn't feel like Chinese New Year without going to the Chinatown, almost like the only place where you see CNY decor, the competitive screaming between the 麻薯,果冻 stalls, the squeezing crowd, and the many many 年货.

The many shops selling Chinese New Year decorations
So we, the XQ gang, meet up for dinner at a Chuan Restaurant called 老四川 to pre-celebrate 团圆饭.
Quite long time didn't have gathering with so many people d. =)

The dishes we ordered

Wow! What coincidence!!!
After the dinner, we roam around Chinatown to immerse ourselves in this festive seasons. Different from the other festivals, CNY always give me a feeling of being very very 热闹. I think that's what the chinese are very good at. =)

The Decorations at Chinatown at night
Then on our way to Clarke Quay, we manage to catch a glimpse of some fireworks, before proceeding to our night activity...
Beer at Brewerkz. =)

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