Monday, December 8, 2008

Restore DELETED Files

Good thing should be shared.
Few days back I accidentally shift-deleted my entire folder of movies.
It was like $#!+. There goes my entertainment for the holiday..

I tried the previous file restore software that I previously recommended (, but somehow, it doesn't work this time.
2 years had passed since I last used it,
so maybe it's outdated
OR maybe it can't detect the physical remnants of the files under NTFS
OR maybe it is just not compatible with WINDOWS VISTA!!! =(

I comb the web once more, for a file recovery software.
after a few 'download-install-test run-uninstall' I found the perfect one...

SoftPerfect File Recovery
It's small: only 268KB
It's fussless: no installation needed, it can run by itself
It's clean: check out its clean interface below
It's fast: just 3 clicks (Search -> Click the files you wanna recover -> Restore)
It's FREE: a free to distribute freeware
So the next time, you did something stupid, like
shift-deleting or 'Empty Recycle Bin' the files you want, OR
accidentally formatted your SD card with the photos you want.
Try this out.
It is a freeware.
So feel free to download from SoftPerfect.
Available for download from here (

SoftPerfect File Recovery
File Recovery.rar

JAS Open House & Charity Sale 2008

On 6 December 2008 the Japanese Association, Singapore (JAS) had their annual Open House and Charity Bazaar at their building at Adam Road, located here:

Shin & I, together with Wuhong and Meng Ho reach there at noon.
Walking in we see many food stalls selling Jap food, a bit like the 夏日祭 we usually see in anime. Only this time they have those red n white tentage instead of the bamboo type. =)
Feeling a bit hungry, we walk in to see what else are there to buy to fill our stomach. Here on sales are those packaged food. All made in japan, of course, with their colourful BUT weight-lot-less-than-it look packaging.
Then I realise everyone around us converse in nihongo. But luckily all those stall-keepers speak English. In fact most of them are not Japanese for they speak with either a Singaporean or Chinese accent.
We bought some sushi, 冰糖苹果, potato salad, banana custard puff, some sandwich and Okonomiyaki (Japanese hot-plate pizza). Food was just okay, but in the first place, we come here not for the food but rather the atmosphere. =)
After lunch, we go in to visit the many rooms in each floor opened to public only on these special occasions of the year. There are games room, indoor market, karaoke room (playing jap songs of course), massage room, etc. Some of the pictures taken:
Games rooms: Paper Cutting room, Origami room, Chess room
Massage room, Indoor market, Wishing Tree...
Of course not forgetting the famous Ai Ai Gasa or "Together Umbrella"
And Kawaii Japanese girls. =)
Before we leave, Shin and I bought some package food to pamper ourselves.
All in all, it was a nice experience.
But I think it could be better organised. Say with some games stall such as Goldfish scooping, some performance, or even hanabi (fireworks) at night, with more kawaii girls wearing summer kimono or guys wearing fundoshi (Japanese loincloth). =)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


NUS officially moves into its year end holiday.
So no more hall food for us for a month.
To save money, and partly to prevent us from eating from the same PGP stall everyday, we decided to cook our own dinner.


蒜炒空心菜 (Kangkung)

I miss my dinner gang in Lund.
How are you guys?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pata. Pata. Pata. PON!

I finish playing Patapon!
Took me ~1 week to finish this game.

Patapon, in PSP
The Patapon were a group of tribal people. They were defeated by the evil Zigoton tribe a long time ago. And this is where I come in. I play as the Almighty Kami ('God' in Japanese), and uses sacred war drums to direct the Patapon tribe to take back their land. As the story progresses, the Patapon also embark on a journey to Earthend to look upon "IT," a sacred object whose appearance and purpose is unknown to the tribe...."

All in all, it's like commanding a squad of Spartans to fight for you, much like 300. =)

It's like a rhythm game, where u follow the beat and press the button accordingly (like the dance mat), to control the actions of the Patapons.
It's like a strategy game, where you decide which unit to use to accomplish the mission, and when to attack, defense and retreat.
It's like a RPG game, where you get to collect resources, play minigames, equip your character with weapons and shields, and find bosses.

It's not very easy, especially to keep the patapons in their 'FEVER' mode for maximum attack, but not too hard to play either.
It is super addictive.
I love the cute eye-ball figures of patapons.
Not to forget the sound they make after you hit your magical drums to direct them. =)
It keep me singing 'pata pata pata pon' in my head.

~a great game to kill time. =)
Click here to play Patapon online.
Thanks Teo Peng for lending me his PSP

Attachment: patapon.mp3

Wednesday, November 26, 2008




Friday, November 21, 2008


那天终于去 Nanyang Supermart 买了剃须刀

因为FYP?因为Final Exam?
才不管什么‘白发拔一根生三根’的urban legend



Armpit Hair

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Panda KILLER!!!

Someone killed my Panda...
So poor thing...
only 1 panda left...
Titbits~ the best medicine for treating 嘴巴痒 during revision

inspired by Kae Lin. =)
It's NUS exam week again.
Taking only 3 modules this sem, I have comparatively less stuff to prepare for exams.
but no matter how much time I 'may' have during term time,
it still end up in the SAME situation: study last minute...
I think it has become an axiom, a truth taken for granted, a cycle every student faces every sem...
This is the 6th day I wake up at 7.40am
'Nua' til 8.20am
brush & wash up to go down for breakfast at 8.30am
then take either the 8.45 or 9am bus to Biz Library to return my overnight-loaned RBR book.
not bringing my biggest distraction... my Laptop...

Compared to the Science Library, the Biz Library really have much less people,
which make it a very conducive place for me to study.
But dunno if it's just me, but I personally find that ppl there have less sense...
in the sense that some can talk in their normal voice in the study area.
some can chat thru the handphone at a not-so-corner corner.
some will talk aloud in the opened printing room, allowing his conversation to slip through the open door.

Dunno la.. i prefer the 2 weekends where I spent my time in a not-so-many-people Biz Lib...
less distractions...
Counting down my last 2 semester in NUS...

Attachment: Bloody

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exam Supper!!!

It's Master's exam supper again.
Even though the dishes are forever the same, I still love them.
Swiss roll
Curry puff
Fruity cream tart


How nice it would be if we can have this kind of supper more frequently. =)
I must say I have not seen so many ppl in the dining hall at the same time since a long time ago.
Look at the queue!!
From the dining counter all the way to the entrance, and this is taken at 10.15pm..
Sure reminds me of the time I queue to enter the Vatican Museum...
And all this queuing once again ignite my desire to set up an experiment to test my hypothesis: "People in Singapore love to queue"
had been rehearsing this experiment in my mind many many times..
1. find a few bo-liao friends
2. find a place with many walking crowds
3. stand in the middle of no where and start queuing
4. observe if anybody will queue behind us blindly thinking that some company is giving out freebies


Surprisingly, a comm which I had always recognize as 'slacker comm' really make me 另眼相看tonight.
The efficiency and the fairness in serving the food had ensure no hungry KEVIIan leave the dining hall disappointed.
2 thumbs up, Welfare Comm!
Hope to see more initiatives from you all!
Wa lau eh... Dun cut queue la. M字头的...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Paul Potts in Britain's Got Talent


但当他开口一唱Nessun Dorma*


*Nessun dorma (None shall sleep tonight),
aria from the final act of Giacomo Puccini's opera-Turandot

第一季 Britain's Got Talent 最后的冠军果然就是他

再看一看Paul Potts 在 Grand Final 演绎的Nessun Dorma…

讲到 Nessun Dorma, 当然不可以忘记把它唱红的Luciano Pavarotti.
也看一看 Pavarotti 版的Nessun Dorma吧。

第二季 Britain's Got Talent的冠军-Street Dancer, George Sampson

George Sampson 超活力的Audition

George Sampson 第二季 Britain's Got Talent Grand Final 的演出


顺便插上一些朋友介绍的,和从前无意间看到却留下深刻印象的ordinary man with extraordinary talent.

Charice Pempengco, 十六岁的小女生,却拥有酷似Celine Dion 非常有震撼力的声音

注意:只有第一句是Celine Dion唱的…

法国的Beatbox, Joseph


还有超像Britney Spears的'他', Derrick Barry


Monday, November 3, 2008

The most anticipated 喜事

This is definitely the most anticipated 喜事
at least in my 4 years in KE7, I have never seen this kind of tsunami of gossips and big hoo-ha sweeping across the hall, as swift as this one.

Update: 54 comments in 1 day
with more comments on another thread with name revealed.
And trust me.. it's still counting

E-block Comm Yahoo!Group

E-Block Blog


THE 定情信物…
to know more about the 来历 of this, plz refer to the video by Angel in

Sunday, November 2, 2008

XQRJ: NUS Student Achievement Awards

After so many years...
Finally 心情溶剂 (aka Xin Qing Rong Ji, XQRJ) had finally gotten its recognition from the University.
Still remember, just few years back, XQRJ doesn't really have a say in hall.
And now, it is a model for study for many CCAs, an activity recognized by Hall Master and the SCRC, and that almost all freshmen know is the best in KE7.
Things had changed. And I am happy for you, 心情溶剂, a place where I can call home.
31 October 2008
NUS Student Achievement Awards @ Sheraton Towers

Signing in
The Well-decorated Ballroom

Receiving the SAA Awards from the NUS President, Professor Tan Chor Chuan
Time for Dinner

The first Student Achievement Awards won by 心情溶剂 for King Edward VII Hall.
A moment that I will cherish forever
The many photos taken in front of the boardA photo with the NUS President, Prof Tan Chor Chuan
The Trophy won

Read more at HERE

My Balls

NUS... Innovating others...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Had been thinking of making a Jack-o-Lantern using a watermelon for weeks.
But in the end din get the chance to buy it.
Sigh.. should have bought 1 when I was at Vivo City.

To 弥补 my 遗憾, I photoshop my own watermelon Jack-o-Lantern.

The original watermelon
After a few clicks...
This will be my wallpaper for the time being. =)
If you are wondering why is it 西瓜 and not 南瓜.
I would say 'why not?'
I am even more tempted to use 东瓜, too bad it's not round...

Attachment: Tutorial & working files (watermelon.rar)
Attachment: halloween watermelon.psd