Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally Got My PR IC

After waiting for waiting for 5 months, I finally received my PR Acceptance Letter at the last few days of 2009.
Went ICA last week to complete the PR formalities, but the ICA officer didn't accept my photo, and ask me to go take another one at the photo room just outside. Damn 衰 the pimple on my chin burst that morning, making me look like I have a mole on the black & white photo...
Sien... Looks like this 'mole' will stay with me for a very long time..

5 Aug 2009   Went ICA to apply for PR
4 Nov 2009   Waited for 3 months with no reply, went ICA to renew Temporary Employment Pass (TEP)
22 Dec 2009   ICA approved my application and sent the Letter of Acceptance
25 Dec 2009   Opened my mail box and received my 'Christmas Present' from ICA
4 Jan 2010   Started preparing the remaining documents needed to Complete the PR Formalities
        - Book appointment slot
        - Fill forms
        - Request HR to certify my employment
13 Jan 2010   Went ICA for Completion of PR Formalities
21 Jan 2010   Went ICA to collect my PR IC


YuniQueYuni said...

Hi just stumbled on ur blog and found this topic.. During completion of formalities, do ICA will hold your passport until they issue your new IC? Thanks..

GES said...

Guess you must have gotten your IC by now. lol.
Actually I can't remember much of the details cos that was like 4 years ago.
Sorry, I afraid I can't be of much help.

Anonymous said...


May i know roughly how long does it takes for you to complete the formalities?