Sunday, April 13, 2008

UK Trip: Day 1-Where it all started..

It all started when Chon Hiong found that there is a promotion from Ryanair from Skavsta (Stockholm) to Stansted (London). Imagine only SEK1 for a trip, SEK2 for a round trip.

Although there are some cock-ups, forcing me to abandon my plan to visit Bristol and Stonehenge, it didn't stop me from visiting UK.

4 Apr (Friday):Lund->Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen)
I took Swebus from Lund to Copenhagen Kastrup Airpot, changing at Malmö.
Talk about Swebus, it always give me a feeling that no chinese will wanna work or at least drive that 衰bus, but what to do, it is the cheapest mean of transport for me.
My flight from CPH to Manchester is on 5Apr 8 morning, but tat 衰bus doesn't have such an early service, so I have to there a night earlier, and 'camp' in the airport.
luckily I brought my laptop with me...

There goes my Day 1...
Stoning and watching movie in the airport...

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