Friday, April 18, 2008


Can you believe it!!!
I actually have LAKSA in Sweden!!!

Thanks, Jimmy!
I miss laksa so much.

Although the 'Prima Taste’s Ready-to-Cook Meal Kit for Laksa' din taste as rich as I expected, who is there to blame but us?

"SERVES 2~3"

We kinda top up the gravy with milk to serve 6...
The outcome... it became diluted... -_-|||
Oh well... at least it satisties my crave for Laksa.
No offense to anyone, but I still think Kuching Laksa is the best!!!

For those who have not tried Kuching Laksa, it consists of Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli), Taugeh (bean sprouts), omelette strips, peeled prawns, chicken strips. Its gravy is very different from curry laksa or assam laksa, cos it is mainly made out of sambal balaccan, topped with optional lime. Its taste? slightly spicy, slightly sour, with a unique fragrant of the sambal and the other ingredient.

I shall not explain further... this is making me miss all the food in Kuching.. Kolo Mee, and Laksa, and Tomato Kueh Tiaw, and Cha Kueh, and Kueh Chap, and Satay, and all the Ais Kacang in Hui Sing, and Fang Yuen Chicken Rice, and ... and ... and ....

Tonight I shall have a good dream of Kuching food....

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