Sunday, April 13, 2008

UK Trip: Day 2-Manchester

5Apr (Saturday):Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen)->Manchester->Newcastle
My phone wakes me up at 7am from a very short sleep..
Even at 7am, I see a lot of people walking around, queuing to check-in at the airport.
Good thing that SAS uses self check-in machine, so I dun have to wait for the long queue.

In the check-in lounge, I continue my game of chess with Datuk Chow, until the airport ground staff shout across the lounge to me. 'EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU GOING TO MANCHESTER!'
I wake up to see an empty lounge, feel so paisei..

Manchester Airport

The flight to Manchester took 2 hours. My impression of England is that it really is very strict, especially towards Asians, or mayb i should say non-Europeans. The queue for them was 3 times the length of ours, yet they finish way faster than us.. there're even a few ppl who got hold back for who-knows-what reason.
After the custom check-point, I went to the Baggage Reclaim, to find that the conveyor belt has stopped moving, with our luggages on top of it. something I will never experience in Kuching Airport.
I meet Yeng Guan, my old secondary school classmate at Manchester Piccadilly Station.
Man! it's been so long since I last see him.
Chon Hiong and Kane who arrived early than me was waiting for me in his car.

Good Old Greenians Reunion...

We went to Old Trafford Stadium, The Theatre of Dreams, home to the Manchester United Football Club.
As a football idiot, I shall not say anything bout football here, and let Wikipedia do the explaining.
"Old Trafford has the largest capacity of any English football stadium at just over 76,000, and is the only UEFA 5-star rated facility in England. The ground has been the club's permanent residence since 1910, with the exception of an eight year absence from 1941 to 1949 following the bombing of the stadium in the Second World War."

From the outside, it dun look that big, but from the inside...
POOFF! look at the number of tiers of seats..

We had a tour around the Stadium, guided by a very enthu auntie but somehow I dun really get her jokes.

Greenians Reunion
Next, Guan brought us to have a walk around the city, to the Square, the Library, the Chinatown, and finally.. to LUNCH.

Compared to the bread and ham and hotdog I had in my Norway Trip, this meal is heaven...

Thanks, Guan! for the treat!
After that, OFF we go to Newcastle, to Tess' place for the night.

Along the way from Manchester to Newcastle

We stop by a Chinese eatery, to buy some chinese food.
Guess what we got..
I have not eated that in 4 months!!!!
MAN! I'm gonna miss this place when I go back....

Thanks, Guan
Thanks, Tess
for hosting us, and treating us to so many good meals.
Hope to meet ya all more, in Kuching, or in Singapore..
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