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UK Trip: Day 3-Edinburgh

6Apr (Monday):Newcastle->Edinburgh->Newcastle
Rise and Shine..
After breakfast, we wave good-bye to Guan, cos he is leaving early tonight, and we wun b back til 9-10pm tonight..
Chiong ARrr.. off we go to the train station, to take a train to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland...

It was a very packed day in Edinburgh, since we only made it a day trip.
Walking up from Princes Mall, we were greeted with many Gothic and Scottish Baronial buildings interspersed between building of modern and postmodern architecture..

Walking along the streets somehow give me a feeling of being in Gotham City...

Following the City Tour map, we depart from Princes Steet towards Regent, to visit Calton Hill and the 3 monuments on the hill.

On the left is the Nelson Monument. If you look carefully you can see a ball at the bottom of the cross. According to the guides, the ball will drop on ONE O'clock, together with the one o'clock gun in the Edinburgh Castle, everyday except Sunday. Too bad we went on a Sunday... -_-||| so no dropping of ball, no one o'clock gun for us..
On the right is the National Monument. It commemorates the Scottish soldiers who died during the Napoleonic Wars, but was never completed because the funds went out... -_-|||

From the Calton Hill, we can have a bird's eye view of the City of Edinburgh...
A very nice city, facing the sea and backed by the hill.
In chinese, we call this good Feng Shui, 背山面海.
After Calton Hill, we continue our walk down Regent Hill, make a turn into Abbeyhill to visit the Palace of Holyrood House, the Scottish Parliament Building, Our Dynamic Earth and Arthur's Seat.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse is the official residence in Scotland of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Scots, who spends time at the Palace at the beginning of the summer.

Our Dynamic Earth is a Scottish science centre and prominent conference venue and visitor attraction located in Holyrood, Edinburgh,The building's structure consists of a steel mast-supported membrane stretched over a steel skeleton. (so biology... membrane, skeleton..)

Well... we din visit both of them, cos firstly we are running short of time. and secondly & most importantly, we r running low on $...
so.. like 走马看花, we take a photo of the things around...and off we go to the Edinburgh Castle.

The Scottish Parliament Building. Looks like some contemporary art gallery to me.

Arthur's Seat. At the height of 251m, I'm sure it will provide us a panoramic view of Edinburgh. but since we had climbed Calton Hill. So.. no point going there again.
We continue our walk along CanonGate, through High Street, snapping photos of the buildings, the streets and of course, the Scottish Bagpiper.

Snap! Snap! Snap! all the way to Castle Rock...
Edinburgh Castle, the main attraction for our Edinburgh Trip this time..

There really is a lot to see in the Castle, and I kinda regret that we dun have enuh time for all the exhibition rooms. There are displays on the Cannons, the One O'clock Gun, the Royal Regiments, the war years, the honorable soldiers, a War Memorial, a Dog Cemetery (yes a DOG cemetery), the Royal rooms, and the prisons...

Here, there is also a souvenir machine that allows you to press your penny into some souvenir design.
too bad Malaysia no longer releases 1 cent coins. if not I'm sure we can do that as well.

We had dinner at a reasonably-priced (to South-East Asians) restaurant for some good Scottish Food.

and not to forget the Scottish Whiskey we bought

That ends our trip to Edinburgh. Finished dinner at around 7.40pm we ran to the train station to catch the 8.10pm train back to Newcastle, back to Tess' house for another night.
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