Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back from E712 to E713

I am back!
To those who frequent my blog, a sincere apology to all of you.

I just move back to my room few days back.
But this time, I dun bother to unpack my stuff.
Just one more sem in KE7, I dun wanna go through all the process of packing again..
This December holiday is not a very boring holiday, but it is a very slack holiday.
So slack that I dun even wanna blog.
With so many free time to slowly do things.. which finally resulted in not accomplishing anything. =)

Looking back, this is the first time I spent my Dec holiday this way.
In my Year 1 & 2, I was busy all over with XQRJ
Year 3, I was back at home, preparing for my semester of Exchange Studies in Sweden.
This holiday, though I still wake up ~9am,
I just nua & nua, til 10+am...
watch a few episodes of anime..
surf net randomly..
catch a few mice..
all the way til noon...
and finally have a brunch before setting off for lab to do my FYP.
then at night, its anime, random websites & blogs, and mice again..
and the cycle repeats itself everyday...
School is starting tomorrow...
At this will be my last semester in NUS..


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