Friday, January 30, 2009

捞鱼生 Dry Run

After watching our HallPlay~Pygmalion, our dear bear cio for 捞鱼生.
Woo Hoo!~
Long time din 捞 already.

The '鱼生' from the original packet
Where's the fish??

The '鱼生' after we 加料 =)

The crew behind the 捞鱼生 Dry Run
So sorry many were blocked by the big-heads in front

1! 2! 3! 捞啊!!!

Many thanks to Bear for initiating this 捞鱼生
Looking forward to the actual 捞
A side story after the 捞鱼生Dry Run

Somehow it has become a custom in my room..
Whenever we have supper, those who had not watch it will be force to watch THIS
It is as if everyone have to go through this ritual to be called a man

What could have caused these people to behave like THIS?!?

The truth is out there...

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