Monday, January 26, 2009

Fireworks around Kuching

I dunno how other ppl celebrates Chinese New Year cos I spent all but 1 Chinese New Year in Kuching.
the only year I was away was when I was in Lund, Sweden, where nobody but Asians care about CNY.
In Kuching, we welcome the arrival of the new year with lotsa lotsa fireworks.
It may sound bit exaggerating, but think bout this
In official occasion like National Day, the fireworks are as beautiful, but it will only be light up at some designated area.
For CNY, wherever there are Chinese, you will see fireworks shooting up into the sky
You will be surrounded, by rockets of fireworks and waves of firecracker cracking.

As early as 11.45pm, people are already playing with fireworks.
And the intensity only gets higher as time draws closer to midnight.

As the clock strike 12. Fireworks and firecrackers roar into life.
The remaining 30mins of excessive fireworks just cant be nicely expressed with mere words.
So I will let pictures do the talking.

Before 12am (25 January 2009)

After 12am (26 January 2009)
Some garden fireworks

My Firecracker.

Yes..a lot less interesting
But that's my family's idea of playing with fireworks/firecrackers:
Play a bit to be a part of this festive season, but not to go too much as to burn money away for a few seconds of enjoyment.

But to be honest, although the whole thing still spam ~45min, this years I see a lot less fireworks & firecrackers.
Direct effect from the economic crisis, I supposed...

In time of this crisis, just wanna wish everyone

Happy '牛' Year!!!

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