Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Occupied Chinese New Year~ CNY is all about GATHERINGS!!!

Had a very occupied Chinese New Year indeed this time.

21 Jan 2009 (Wed)
Night: Gathering with Kane, Kyle, Chiau Fang & Tze Phin in Ria Ayam Penget, Lucky Plaza.

22 Jan 2009 (Thu)
Night: X8 Steamboat gathering at 川一品, Bugis.
p/s: if you like authentic steamboat, dun go here, cos the soup dun even boil... -_-|||
but if you like meat more than anything, they have the freshest* meat I have ever eaten from a steamboat shop. freshly sliced from a frozen meat block in front of you.
* by steamboat standard

Midnight: Gathering with those in KE7 at My room @E713
I miss the 年糕 (but i dun miss the BOWL). and had consulted my mum how to prepare them such that the egg will stick to the 年糕. let's do it again

23 Jan 2009 (Fri)
Night: Fly back Kuching, flight delayed, reach Kuching too late to do anything.

24 Jan 2009 (Sat)
Night: Greenians gathering at Sidewalk.
Definitely the biggest gathering so far. We occupied almost half the cafe.
Nice to see friends coming back from all over the globe, UK, Australia, etc..

25 Jan 2009 (Sun)
Reunion Dinner gathering of my relatives at my 大舅's house.
Nice food, nice company, nice talk, just what I yearn most

26 Jan 2009 (Mon)
Morning-afternoon: 年初一 大拜年.
As always, all close relatives come to my house for visit.

Night: went visiting with Kane, Pao, Tiong to Sai Kwong's place for open house. then to Yan Yi and Jen's house.

27 Jan 2009 (Tue)
Morning-afternoon: Went visiting my old Green Road classmates, to catch up on old times...
Taken at Sharon's place

Night: Went to Xiang Ru place to meet up with my 居士林friends.

28 Jan 2009 (Wed) ~Last day in Kuching.
Morning-afternoon: Visit Joanne's house with Kane and Geri.
After coming to do some final packing, went visiting again to Chia Ching and Ah Guan's place.
Taken at Guan's house

Evening: Caught the 6.40pm flight back to Singapore...
Bye Bye~ Kuching...

A very occupied Chinese New Year indeed


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