Wednesday, January 28, 2009

回来咯... The Way Back...

After a short Chinese New Year break, it's time to leave for S'pore again.
Suppose to meet Joanne in the airport cos we are taking the same flight back,
but end up seeing a lot more people than I expected.
Met Christina and Rachel in the airport
Saw Elaine and Tara queuing together.
Greeted Anderson as he enter the plane
Bump into Sherina when we alight the plane and walk towards baggage claim area.
Seems like everybody is taking the same 6:40pm AK6673 flight from Kuching to Singapore.

It's good to see so many people I know on the same plane, though it is not as coincident as it seems.
School/work should have started, but everyone just take an extra day off today, returning tonight and resume work tomorrow.

Sien... I am still in my Chinese New Year mood.

As we came into the baggage claim area.
I saw what looks like a group of fans waiting for their 偶像 with a long banner.
I cant remember what else is on the banner but I do remember 2 big n striking words :'元畅'

Then as always, 别人拍偶像, 我拍别人拍偶像
When '元畅' come out with his bright yellow hoodie and cap, there was a big HOO-HAA in the arrival hall.
In my memories, I vaguely remember a taiwanese star called 郑元畅.
Is it him? I dunno.
Long time din watch those 台湾偶像剧, so dunno how do these new-age celebrities look like.

Anyway, for those who fancy him, here's a photo to add to your collection.
Too bad I can only catch the back of him.

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