Sunday, January 18, 2009

Macross Frontier ~超时空要塞-开拓者~

Just finish watching Macross Frontier,
another anime from the long-running Macross series.
Had been waiting for a more 像样 anime for quite some time, after Tengen Toppa-Gurren Lagann (天元突破-红莲之眼), and this 3rd Macross TV series didn't disappoint me at all.

The details on the transformable Valkyrie Fighter jets and Vajra aliens
The details on the dogfights, the flying missles, and explosions
The details on the background
Can see that a lot of effort, money and time were put into the production of this anime
The story is set in the year 2059, many years after the crash of the alien starship which was studied by human to be used to create technological advancement that now allow the human to create mechas, and starships thattravel faster-than-light (through Space Fold).
After the destruction of Earth in the 1st Space War, many Macross fleet flee to find another habitable planet. Macross Frontier, one of the human space colony fleet assigned to travel and search near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, were threatened by attacks from an alien species, Vajra.
The story is centered around 3 teenage and how the fleet of Macross Frontier overcome the crisis of alien attacks.

Like every Macross series, the way the aliens respond to songs is a key component to the plot. And thus Macross Frontier features many many nice songs.
Below are some of my personal favourite

An intro to the movie which feature the main characters, the dogfights, the Valkyrie transformable figther jets.

First Opening Theme - Triangler

Second Opening Theme - Lion

Featuring Seikan Hikou by Ranka Lee, the very Kawaii lead female character

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