Friday, October 3, 2008

Class Photo: 1997-2004

Really getting nostalgic recently,
Looking back at how we were back then.
The faded colour of the photo,
the hair style,
the keropok in the canteen,
the teachers,
the exams,
the days after exams,

All this makes me feel like uploading all the Class Photo I've taken so far.
So bear with me, the next few posts will most likely be just my old memories...

1997: SRB Chung Hua No.4: 六蓝
now known as SJK (C) Chung Hua No.4
Super carefree. All I know is study & study.

1998: SMK Green Road: 1D
Got addicted to 武侠小说 over the Primary 6 -> Form 1 transition holiday. Still remember reading my Dad's newspaper cuttings of 金庸小说 in class

1999: SMK Green Road: 2D
With my height, I guess this will be the 1st and only time in my life that I am sitting in the very front row. Kinda pity the rest sitting behind me.

2000: SMK Green Road: 3D
The crazy naughty bunch who disregard the norm in other classes and joint the whole row of tables at the back to form THE PANEL.

2001: SMK Green Road: 4J
Streaming and reassigning to different class after PMR. Lost half of my classmates, gain another half of new classmates.
The year I started my prefect career.
The year Ngongsters was officially formed with initial members of 5, and logo designed.
The year when we are most crazy about sio bee.
The year when the science stream classes broke the most tables, in order to bring the tables to bengkel to repair and '顺便打包' sio bee... (note: we even did mass ordering among classes)
And many many more...

2002: SMK Green Road: 5J
Preparing for SPM, yet never fail to find time to enjoy.
Skipping moral to play basketball.
Playing with Poker cards made with leftover photos.
The year we ate the most 过期糖.
The year I got my 'Meritorious Service Medal' from Malaysia Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Sarawak Branch.
The year we really play hard knowing that most likely we will be apart after this year...

2003: SMK Green Road: L6S1
As expected, only about a third of us left in this class. Many flew off to Australia, New Zealand, Russia to further their studies. Some were offered JPA and Matriculation.
But looking on the bright side, I met friends from other schools around Kuching. Classmates who came here because Form 6 is not offered in their school.
This is the year I became an endangered animal. (there's only 4 guys in class)
This is the year I took up Head Prefect of the Morning Session Prefect Board.

2004: SMK Green Road: U6S1
Lastly, Upper 6 Science 1.
The Malaysian Public Exam that everyone is afraid of, STPM (Malaysian High School Certificate) is here.
The guys became even more rarer.
I still fool around as always, but as the class gets more n more stressful and under pressure, I was influenced by peer pressure to temporarily put down everything and focus on my studies.
Didn't chiong to our state library as often as we did in Form 5, but we spend our days studying in Boom Seng's house.
After months of revision? and hardwork?, this is the year I scored an 4.0 flat in STPM.
Wow! 13 years of education. Time really flies
Was quite proud of myself at that time, considering I have set so many milestones in my life.
一样的身高: 175-177cm 看哪里的尺, 还有当天的温度?
一样的体重: 55kg (注: 现在还是55kg.)
外表是不怎么会变了, 只会越变越老
所以希望内在是越变越好, 越充实.


Anonymous said...

I coudn't resist not to leave u a comment albeit dont really know u.

"...This is the year I became an endangered animal..."
That, made me laughed. :D hahaha

GES said...

Who's this?

geri said...

Eng Seng! Surprised i read ur blog? Haha.. just came across ur blog and saw this post... and.. it brought a lot of memories for me too! Not that I was in the same batch as u.. but... we were from the same school all the way.. exactly the same classes in sec sch... pri sch i was from six green though.. hehe.. but at least we shared some moments together.. the green blazer time.. =)
I miss sec sch!!

GES said...

Haha, really din expect to see you here. =)
I just uploaded our Prefect Photos. That one brings back even more memories. all the sai kang... and spot-check...

Anonymous said...
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