Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nostalgia.. Looking back at SRB Chung Hua No.4: Class of '97 (六蓝)

A long lost primary school classmate suddenly added me in Facebook, and posted our Primary 6 graduation group photo.
Then... it was like a catalyst that sparks a chain of reactions.
We start tagging friends whom we still keep in touch in the photo.
We start adding each other to our friends list.
We start replying to the post asking for a reunion
And every once a while a friend whom I have not seen in years and totally lost contact reply in the thread..

Look at the number of replies, and it is still counting.

As I walk down the memory lane, scene by scene, our carefree primary school life flashes across my eyes.
Images of us running around, and the 巡察员running behind us shouting,"不要跑!不要跑!"
Images of the hole on the roof of Missi Gigi's building. An idiot/fat ass/whatever-u-wanna-call-him climbed over the railing onto the roof to collect his shuttlecock but the roof surrender under his weight and broke.
Images of *ahem* who rat back from toilet to class crying because *ahem* laugh at his hairy bird.
And the most idiotic of all, images of the ghost in the toilet who is scared of 斧标驱风油. -_-|||

What carefree life...

中华小学第四校 SJK (C) Chung Hua No.4
Class of '97
六蓝班 (6 Blue)
When shall we have our gathering?!?
Can you find me?
SRB Chung Hua No.4 School Song
SRB Chung Hua No.4 校训


Siew Hui said...

can't believe that is 11 years ago...That time if anyone who have RM 1 is considered vy rich...“哇!有钱人噢!”...
remember the "peng satay" our friend did behind our "beloved" 方老师?...and she slapped him hard across the face... =p

i miss the carefree life too...

GES said...

haha, 俊发damn innocent...
dunno where r they now.

geri said...

Hey eng seng.. i think I also remember the guy who fell from the roof above the dental room right? Then he just laid there until the ambulance came.. is it? I remember something like that... but cant remember i was in primary what

GES said...

I also cant remember which primary I was in that time. but it was a big news. it was even mentioned in the assembly.
But lucky him, if I remember correctly, he din really get hurt. just some scratches on the limbs.

Anonymous said...

Eng seng, it's so easy to find you. LOL!

GES said...

Who's this?

San said...

Wait for me to come back! Must have at least 99% of the class available in Kuching at the time of the gathering. =P
Heya, Laura here.