Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anybody wanna adopt a Dragon Fruit Plant?

Dragon Fruit, back in Kuching, we call it 火龙果.
Here people call it 龙珠果.

But be it Dragon Fruit or 火龙果 or 龙珠果, I never tot of the day I would be planting them.

The seeds had been left outside my room by the rubbish bin for quite some time.
Until it started to germinate that it caught my attention.

So poor thing... so densely packed..
So Wuhong and I decided to shift them to a better environment, to give them more space to grow.
And there goes my journey to kop some soil and planting tray from my lab.

After 30-60minutes of preparing & watering the soil, and shifting the small seedlings...
This is what we get.

2 seedlings per small pot.
May need to shift again as it gets larger.

My Dragon Fruit Cultivation Corner

The 'Chosen One'
to be put in my room and given extra care.

Now that we have 12 pots of dragon fruit seedlings, anyone wanna adopt one?
comes with petri dish to catch the dripping water, in case you water too much.
If you are wondering if the cactus looking plant I was mentioning above IS the dragon fruit we had been eating, the answer is 'YES!!'

This is how it looks like in the market

This is how it looks like on the tree
Unbelievable? Believe It!
Courtesy of Kane for the the dragon fruit seed.


Max said...

final year student really very free...

GES said...

not very free.
but still have some time to relax la.

qh said...

oh my god!! the pots are too small for them. Ask master give u some land to grow them la. Hahaha..

GES said...

Your think Rose will allow?
I think i'll let it grow til its much bigger then i shift them to the ground outside E5.
U wanna adopt 1 for AB Block?

chawJS said...

haha, i dun think rose will allow them to grow big enuf to bead fruit

GES said...

Thats y i'm thinking of planting it on the other side of the fence.
so that the worker cant hurt them when they are doing their regular cutting of grass