Friday, September 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping!! Finally...

Have been surviving on a pathetic packet of Hup Seng-Cap Ping Pong Biscuit, and a bottle of Peter Pan Peanut Butter for the past month. Can't believe I can actually survive on that.

Skipping the BS (Biological Sciences? Bull $***?) Safety Seminar, today, I finally got the chance to do my grocery.
I swept through NTUC Fairprice like an eagle eyeing on its prey, OR more appropriately, an auntie eyeing on items on promotions. =)
With the rise in hall accommodation fee, public transport fee, etc.. I really dun have the luxury to buy the more expensive stuff. So only those with 'Today's Low Price' tag.
After a '快刀斩乱麻 aka chop chop' shopping, taking me no longer than 30mins....
TADAA!!! My Grocery!
~ a rather typical 'overseas' university student's grocery
Instant Noodles
Eggs & Canned Food (Sardine, Peanuts)
~to go with the Instant Noodles
Biscuits, Peanut Butter & Kaya
~I still prefer Cap Ping Pong, but Khong Guan is on promotion that day...
Bundaberg-Australian Ginger Beer
~Pamper myself a bit la...
My Food Corner...
It sure look better when it is filled with stuff...
Shall I compare thee to an Auntie's grocery?
Thou art more practical and more necessary.
"Reduce Reuse Recycle"
~Bring your own bag and save the environment
Ya right... I got 8 plastic bags for buying the stuff. 6 bags of grocery, 2 of them double-layered.
Now, I begin to appreciate the Swedish way of forcing the plastic bag into your bill if you don't bring your own bag..


pikwei said...

That mean we almost finish up your food store during "tok kok" night? :P paiseh..paiseh..

GES said...

no la. still got a lot left.
but i think we finish up a lot of zheng yu's stuff, the fruit juice, noodles, jelly, campbell soup....