Thursday, September 18, 2008


to the others, AGM is known as Annual General Meeting.
to some of the residents, it had always been known as Annual Who-Give-A-Damn Meeting
this year, the list can be added on.

aka Annual Finger-pointing Meeting
aka Annual 推卸责任 Meeting
aka Annual 翻旧帐 Meeting
aka ... ...

Surprisingly, this year I found quite a noticeable number of freshmen sitting at the back.
Too good to see that they aren't influenced by the 'Who-Give-A-Damn' virus yet.
Too bad they dun let me sit next to them.
Guess the place is taken by their friend. So I 识趣 go sit in front

Copied & pasted like every year, the agenda of the AGM went on as always, with previous CCA heads raising their dissatisfactions, people finger-pointing directly or indirectly.
Well, that's kinda expected for me.
As the Room Draw issue, and other major issues (eg, Yearbook, Financial Report, IHG) was raised from the floor, people started to pay attention to what's going on.
Some even ask about CHR and its function.
but as it drags on and on, it starts to bore everyone.
We begin see some outgoing & incoming hall leaders leaving the AGM, without giving much face to the panel sitting in front.
Sadly enough, it was like a domino effect - 'if he can leave, why can't I'.

Well, I think they leave because the content of the meeting starts to get too technical which definitely bore them, or they can no longer take the panel's BS'ting. I sure hope it is the former...

AGM is actually quite important you know!
AGM is important for CCA heads to evaluate the achievements and mistakes done in the previous year so as to not repeat them in the coming year, to come out with possible ways to improve the hall better.
And I personally think that, AGM is the platform to meet and know each other, to widen their social circle, to learn to be resourceful. So that in any chance they need special assistance, they know whom to look for.
and the list goes on...

What should we do to instill this awareness...
A: "What did they talk about just now?"
B: "Rubbish."
希望senior们不要把 'Who-Give-A-Damn' virus和 '口是心非' virus传播下去…


Jeremy said...

Whats CHR?

limian said...


GES said...

Any JCRC wanna explain?
Coa I also not entirely sure since the whole CHR thing is supposed to be underground.

Paranoid Android said...

obviuosly last year it was not underground any more...= ="