Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Supper to Mark the Beginning of Mid-Sem Break

Mid-sem break is here again, finally can rest for a while.
And hope that can spend some time to catch up with my lessons.

Just before everyone leaves for home for the break, we had a usual noodle supper in my room.

The many pairs of slippers outside my room.
Compared to last time where we have to cook many batches in my small pot, this time we have the Wuhong's steamboat pot.
Muahaha, now can cook more at one time. and the 'fire power' also stronger.

Menu for the Day:
~东京紫菜酱油汤面, Curry Noodles with Egg, and Campbell Mushroom Soup~
Makan & talk cock time

After the supper, comes the main appetizer for the day, or should I call it the 'Main Dish' of the day:
'Eric Goes Heaven' post-filming interview.

The Panel of Interviewer, aka Jury Panel

To protect the privacy and confidentiality, I shall let this 模棱两可 Video do the saying.

All I wanna say is, We wish you all the best!!
Recommended: Plug-in your headphones to catch our conversation more clearly.


Max said...

cannot hear anything leh... or u all didn't say anything...

GES said...

partly because they really din say much, its the panel of jury who are doing most of the talking.
another reason is because I purposely cut out either the questions or the answer cos at the time of editing, it still not confirm yet.
but now.... =)
if you wan the full video, I can give it out freely.

chawJS said...

SHIT, super miss u guys after watching the video..

GES said...

then remember to come back after your sep.
and dun forget to buy something nice food. =)