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Red Crescent Youth Unit No.6 (SMK Green Road)

Finally finish my 20-page term paper..
Allow me to continue swimming in my sea of memory...
Red Crescent Youth Unit No.6 of SMK Green Road..
or Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM)
My primary CCA in my secondary school days...

Why Red Crescent, you may ask?
Why not Scout? or Band or St. John Ambulance?

No special reason... in fact I din even choose.
I just did what many of us would do.
Since my sis in in PBSM. So, I just follow suit.
The days in Red Crescent was... to be honest... rather slack..
Just a meeting every Saturday to learn n revise first aid, marching, occasional Bilik Sakit duty, then the annual sports day duty, and other ad hoc activities.

Maybe because somehow my school was more academically inclined that not a lot of emphasis is put on CCA...
Maybe because we are not PIBG's pet that we dun get so get so much fund... (PIBG: Persatuan Ibu Bapa & Guru, or Parent-Teacher Association)
Maybe because there isn't someone to continue the legacy, or they isn't someone to lead to make it happening...
Maybe because we had more 含蓄 girls than 好玩 guys...

However, despite the not-so-happening-ness, I guess I still had fun.
At least I added some spice to my secondary school days, compared to some others.

Group Photo of RCYU No.6 or 2000/01
Like all CCA, I was a small shrimp in Form 1, slowly fighting my way up.

Then, I think in Form 2 I began marching with the marching contingent in Sports Day, in inter-school competition.
Got my Corporal (2 stripes) rank after my seniors step down at the mid-year AGM.
And began my training as a commander for the squad.

After a year of service and commitment, I stepped down temporarily to 'concentrate' on my PMR in Form 3.
(concentrate on PMR.... ya, right...)

Return in my Form 4, as the Assistant Head Section Leader, Sergeant(3 stripes), and Commander of the marching contingent.

Marching Contingent during Sports Day 2001
This was also the year I started stepping out
step out of school for Inter-school Competition.
step out of school for Inter-division State Camp
For a city boy like me, State Leadership Youth Camp in Kem Kemunyang, Sibu was once of its kind.
The lectures... were as boring as always... talking about things that most of us already know.
But the activities were superb!
-Flying Fox
-Climbing over a 14-feet wall
-Climbing up 21 feet rope-ladder with each step as wide as 2 feet
-Swinging down the wall like Hong Kong SDU.
On top of that, I met fun & sporting friends, and together we won the title of the best group in the camp.
Unforgettable moment...

RCYU State Leadership Youth Camp in Kem Kemunyang, Sibu, Sarawak
My Group: OrangeThe 8 of us representing the Kuching Division

In Form 5, just before I stepped down again for SPM, I was given the privilege to attend "Kem Kenyalang Malaysia 2002" International Youth Camp organized by MRCS, Sarawak Branch.
With the word KEM, I expect it to be like the one in Kem Kemunyang.
BUT... it turn out to be like a convention or conference... where 'delegates from over the world come and share their opinion on the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement in a global context'.
Staying in Rajah Court Hotel, we were treated like guests with good food.
And I personally feel that the whole thing feel more like a Tahun Melawat Malaysia activity than a Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement program...
Together with the delegates from China, Italy, Philippines, Hong Kong, Qatar, Finland, Japan, etc we were brought to visit the various RCYU in our schools to see how the Malaysian RCYU functions.
We were brought to Bako National Park to enjoy the unpolluted nature reserve, to Long House to share the joy of the Ibans in Pesta Gawai to celebrate a good harvest, etc.

Kem Kenyalang 2002, ended with the Volunteer Recognition Night of 2001/02.
And I receive what I personally think as my highest recognition in my secondary school life-
the Meritorious Service Medal
Receiving the cert from the Director of MRCS, Sarawak BranchMy Head Section Leader & I
after receiving the Meritorious Service Medal

I still kept the many badges I exchanged from the other people. =)
can I draw this positive correlation?....

Do you love SMK Green Road (or XX中学)?
Would you donate your time, or effort, or money for SMK Green Road (or XX中学)?
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