Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Lab Space

A sneak peak into Lab #04-03 of TLL, the place where I do all my experiments.
Usually at the beginning of the week, this is how my working area in my lab looks.
Before I start my experiments for the week...
Pipettes, Gloves, etc all nicely place at each corner.
Table wiped with 70% Ethanol to kill microbes, eg: bacteria.
My own set of pipettes placed at a side.
My 'sort of personal'* PCR machine switched off to save energy.
(*Note: it is too old that almost nobody wanna use it)
But all these don't last long...
When I start to work,
you see used C-fold towel and gloves here n threre,
pipette tips sometime missing the autoclave bag and left lying on the workbench,
pipettes of different volume lying over the place,
all kind of solution (wash/elution buffer, LB, etc) accidentally dripping on the bench, or even worse on my lab log book..

And by the end of the week...
This is how my workbench looks
(*Note: picture does not show actual untidiness, because the things are squeezed to fit my camera. Actual situation can be 20-50% untidier...)

Then why the tidying and cleaning at the end of the week, when you gonna mess it up the following week?!?
Well.. I just want to feel as if someone had clean it for me, to welcome me back for another week of hectic lab life...
I guess it's the same as leaving a light on when you go to work, so that you can feel as if someone is waiting for you to welcome you when you are back...
Just a way of 自我安慰...


k said...

my god, u're so free to do all the photoshop..

GES said...

Not that free la..
Don't it look very Microsoft-Wordy & Print-screeny?