Sunday, October 5, 2008

Morning Session Prefect Board 2003/2004

Allow me to continue immersing myself in nostalgia...

Prefect Board and Duties
Another place where I had spent most of my Form 6 days in.
Waking up early to do traffic duty
Standing by the gate checking the students' uniform
Feeding the mosquitoes with my blood esp at the side door (really pity those gals who were stationed there)
Chasing the student out of the class during recess
Bringing the student who are late to pick up rubbish around the compound after school
Controlling the situation during assembly
Doing spot-check (one of my personal favourite :-) )
Organize ad-hoc activities, like march-pass during Sports Day, Trip to Cheshire Home, Pasaria, Prefect Dinner, etc
And a lot a lot more...

Some of them are really sai kang, like chasing the students our of class during recess, something which I find ridiculous even til now.
But most of them are fun and exciting, like accepting the challenge of 'hide-and-seek' of illegal items from the students during spot-check. Some time you really have to salute the students, those who korek a hole in the notice board at the back to hide illegal stuff, or even the one who cut a square hole into his Malay textbook to hide cigarettes.
Really 道高一尺, 魔高一丈...

Prefect Day Camp

Prefect Uniform
At first I really don't like the colour combination of our prefect uniform..
White shirt, white pants, green blazer ...
White socks, black shoes, red tie...
But after I attended the Mesyuarat Perhimpunan Pemimpin Belia, I am more than happy with my uniform.
cos... I see people with purple blazer, pink shirt, or other more unacceptable colour combi (to me at least).

Prefect Dreams
In the first place, who would have thought the notorious prefect in Form 4/5 would be the next Head Prefect. I still remember how the 脚穿脸 (Kar Chng Bin) hated the group of us at the back who always like don't give her face in class.

Like most newly-elected Head Boy, I stepped up with dreams...
But then, after a while, I realised, it is ever wise to impose radical change...
People tend to have a high inertia to changes...
I have to surrender to reality...
*Till now, I still dunno if I have make the right decision to accept the suggestion by the principal to make not only the Exco, but all the prefects to wear blazer during duties...

So, my conclusion from my prefect days in Form4/5/6 tells me that the best (IMHO) way to handle the school, is to strike a balance between the so-called good student & notorious student.
And my way of striking the balance is 混尽黑白两道...
Again, I'm not sure if this is the best choice. But seems to me, befriending them had allow us to settle quarrels between different gangs, or between students and prefects more easily...
Just need to "Brother, give some face la. Dun do it in school." most of the time they will listen...
So... I had a rather peaceful year...
a very very peaceful year... which was beyond my expectations...
Prefect Photos
5 Groups
86 Prefects
17 Exco

.You guys are really the best I had ever dreamed.

Morning Session Prefect Board 2003/2004
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Board of Exco (Executive Committees)


Max said...

this shows that u r old liao... =P

GES said...

not old.
but mature.

geri said...

Aiyo! Eng Seng! So envy u.. never change.. look at me! I was so skinny!!! and now.............. SIGH.... So fun la prefect days... spot-check! If only we could do it again..

GES said...

now also ok wat.
I had been trying to put on weight, but never seem to show any effect...

Do more room raid! it's like an upgraded version of spot-check, not taking illegal stuffs, but anything we want.

k said...

was it my idea to take the buttock shot?

Hhaa i miss life back then,..

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