Thursday, June 4, 2009

Australia Trip: Foreword

A plan for a graduation trip had been in my mind for quite some time even long before I finish my final year in NUS.
We have a few choices: Japan, Taiwan, Australia, etc...
But then obviously, the 1st two were slightly too expensive for our current financial status whereas, the economic downturn caused AUD to went down rather drastically, to be at one time even lower than SGD.
Needless to say, the Land Down Under became our choice of destination for this trip.

I started e-mailing our previous trip mates.
Many showed interest in going, causing the number of caravan needed to grow from 1 to 2 to 3.
However, as the date drew nearer, problems began to pop up.
Financial problem, family problem, personal problem, H1N1 swine flu problem, etc..
causing myself to consider pulling out at one point of time.

Well, luckily I didn't, many thanks to my fellow friends. =)
If not, I would have missed such a wonderful, 有惊无险 Aussie Trip. =))

Just wanna say thanks, guys, for making my final trip before I officially left NUS as an undergraduate a wonderful trip.

And now, as with any of our previous trip, we have IC for every aspect of a trip.

The Co-ordinator, Treasurer cum Transportation, and Welfare

The Location Planners

The Drivers
~Kudos! We drove 4000+ km down the east side of Oz!

The Photographers and Wooloomooloo, the mascot wombat

Not to forget our chariot, The Campervan!
~we eat, we sleep, & we shit there

My Aussie 'Graduation' Trip

p/s: 'Graduation' because only 3 of us are graduating.


Qh said...

Wah!!! Wooloomooloo is in too! So cute. =P

GES said...

I find him too cute to be out of the introductory post. Haha.
Was actually thinking of naming him: Woo~loo~moo~loo~