Thursday, June 4, 2009

Australia Trip Day00: Singapore -> Darwin -> Cairns

15 May 2009 (Fri)
Accommodation: on the plane

It was a fine day to start a journey.
A fine day indeed.. until we couldn't fetch a cab even after waiting for more than half an hour
In the end we resorted to taking bus to Buona Vista MRT station and call a taxi to the taxi stand.

At the airport, Teo Peng had to wait for Meng Ho 'cos their air tix were purchased together, so they have to checked in together,
while the rest of us can proceed with checking in our cargo luggage.
Just 10-20 minutes before the counter closed, Meng Ho arrived with his backpack.
What a way to start a journey...

We had Ajisen Ramen for dinner at Changi Airport, before we depart for the land of Fish n Chips.
and we waved good-bye to Zheng Yu.
Thanks, Zheng Yu, for seeing us off at Changi Airport.

On the way to the Boarding Gate, only to know that we are the last to board the plane. Aiks!

The JetStar plane took off rather on time at 9.45pm

Transit in Darwin Airport

and off we go on another plane at 5.05am (Darwin time) to Cairns, our 1st destination.

Good-Bye, Darwin

Good Morning, Cairns!


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