Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Australia Trip Day05: Brisbane

20 May 2009 (Wed)
Accommodation: Treasure Island Holiday Park (Gold Coast)

Brisbane is slowly moving into winter so it's kinda cold in the morning.
To make things worse, the rain hadn't really stopped since yesterday. =(

We begin our day with driving the campervan to Coles at Newmarket to top-up our food and of course, to settle the wet weather plans.
We had our breakfast here as well in an award-winning pastry shop, Ray's Patisserie. Just look at the number of awards won.
I had Beef & Bacon Puff. The taste? Well... It looks nice, smells nice, but tastes bit salty. I prefer it to be a bit more pepperish and less salty.
We then drive to Wilston, a train station not-too-near-not-too-far from the city, such that we can park our campervan there, and take a train to Central. As expected, it is also raining in the Central. So, we execute our wet weather plans:
I must say, us in umbrella look cooler than those in ponchos. =)

Walk down a few streets and we reach Queen Street Mall. It was raining rather heavily (picture below: left), and we have to reconsider our plans for the afternoon because almost all the places we are going is outdoor. We visit the Tourist Information Center to get maps, ask about weather forecast, and possible plans (the personnel there actually suggested us to go for a movie, or bowling. OMG! we are tourists, not locals. Don't suggest me something I can also do back at home...). Not able to much, we stopover for lunch at an indoor food court. Pik Wei and I shared a Miso Katsu-Don, and I am still not very used to their big portion of meals.

Lunch: rather localised Japanese food, and Crepe ordered by Yi Feng
When we come out after lunch, surprisingly the rain had stopped! and Queen Street Mall is bustling with people (picture above above: right). We had a short stroll along the street but really just window shopping, then move on to our next destination on the list, the South Bank.

On the way there, we pass by the Treasury Casino. We try our luck to see if we can go in, but Nar... the bouncer won't let us in in our 邋遢样. He pointed at my slippers and shook his head. So I guess if next time we were to enter the casino, we should at least wear shoes.

The Tresury Casino

Looking at the number of people holding umbrellas, you know that some of the poncho-guys have 跳槽over to our side. =)

We then walk across the Victoria Bridge to the South Bank to visit the Museum.
Brisbane River
Queensland Museum South Bank Campus housed a wide collection of stuff. From history of Queensland, to its aboriginal people, war times, underwater animals, vehicles and planes, and a whole gallery of animals arranged from big to small.
Queensland Museum South Bank Campus

The underwater world. I like the way they hang the seagulls, fishes and turtles on the air, making it seems like they are really swimming or flying.
Vehicles and planes of the olden days
The Museum Zoo: a collection of animals arranged from big to small.
I never know a kiwi (lower left) is so big!
From the museum we walk along the promenade on the South Bank, taking photo with the Wheel of Brisbane and a beautiful archway draped in thousands of bougainvillea, the ENERGEX Arbour.
Beyond the ardour, is the Streets Beach, a man-made inner-city lagoon with white sand beaches, clear water and palm trees. It is a beautiful beach, but obviously it is just too cold today for anyone to swim or play or bath in the water. But it give me a sense of tranquility.
Further up front is a small water-play park called Aquativity. Here there are small small fountains and water-jets and water-curtains and a map of Brisbane with water flowing through the 'Brisbane River'.
Our version of the CityCat

After the South Bank promenade, we wanted to visit the Maritime Museum, but too bad it was closed. So we climbed up the stairs to a small nearby Memorial Park. And then take a train back to Wilston and continue our drive to Gold Coast.

We reached Gold Coast about 2 hours later, found our caravan park for the night at Treasure Island Holiday Park. This caravan park was quite well-equipped and clean. We did our laundry here to prepare ourselves for the journey to come.
As for dinner, we had one of the best 'own-prepared' meal of the trip, with roast chicken, noodles and watermelon. =)

Contrary to what most people told me, I find Brisbane quite relaxing and fun. And there are still a few things that I have yet to try, like the CityCat. Might come back here some other day.


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