Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Australia Trip Day03: Rockhampton (En Route to Brisbane)

18 May 2009 (Mon)
Accommodation: Bargara Beach Caravan Park (Bundaberg)

Unlike the previous days, where we woke up to chirps of birds in the caravan parks, today I woke up to the bustling noise of the trucks around us.
Was feeling a bit grumpy for all the noise, but then again it's our fault for sleeping at a 'not-so-legal' place.

After brushing up, it was already 8.30am. Which is when I decided that I should be driving to keep up with my planning for the area.
So there goes my VIRGIN DRIVE in a campervan, from Mackay to Rockhampton. =)

We drive & drive & drive...
Occasionally stopping over at petrol station for petrol, toilet break and lunch break.

We see vast land of nothingness
and vast land of agricultural crops, like sugar canes, and what seems to me to be apple trees
We see many 'Optimus Prime'-looking trucks. and trust me these lorry uncle can really speed, overtake and kick some ass. Scary...
At ~4pm, we finally reach Rockhampton, and we drive straight to the Rockhampton Zoo.
Good news is we reach the zoo before it closes, bad news is the zoo is closing in around 10mins time at 4.30pm.
So we straight rushed for what we came here for
Seeing us coming over, an attention seeker koala spring into action, climbing up the branch for us to take photo. =)
so cute
Personally, I prefer this type of zoo a lot more.
It is not as popular like the other zoos in the big touristy cities. But because it is located at a relatively small town, what it has is land. Here many animals can stay in the exhibits, yet won't give me the feeling of being cramped inside a small space. We can even come close to the many animals.
Moreover, it is completely FREE, and it even has feeding time for some of the animals (though we missed it).

After the zoo, we went to the Botanic Garden just right next to the zoo.
There is the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, a tropical paradise, just nice for a relaxing stroll.
There is the Japanese Gardens, a garden whose clever use landscaping create a sense of space, timelessness and tranquility.
And there is the scenic Murray Lagoon (which again we missed due to lack of time.)
I must say I love the idea of combining multiple parks, botanical garden, and zoo into one mass piece of land.

We then had dinner at a local roadside Fish n Chips stall.
The serving of fries is BIG! I think even more than Botak Jones.
If this how they eat, then it is no wonder some of them are so *ahem* horizontally challenged. =)
Fries aside, the grilled fish is actually quite nice. yummy!
And the price is quite Okay too!
So for those who happen to go Rockhampton, go check it out.
I forgot to take a photo of the shop, but it's along the Gladstone Road section of the Bruce Highway in Rockhampton.

Then it's another ~300km drive down south to our caravan park in Bundaberg, Bargara Beach Caravan Park.
This caravan park is situated right next to the Bargara Beach, so it is slightly colder than the previous one. But somehow of all the caravan park we'd been to in this trip, this one is my favorite. Because I found a possum on a palm tree right outside the guys bathroom. =)
Possum, like the kangaroo and koala characterized by its distinctive pouch, is another marsupial native to Australia. but unlike the other two they are totally nocturnal, so spotting one in the wild is like hitting Jackpot to me. =)

Looking forward to spotting more animals like this...

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