Monday, June 22, 2009

Australia Trip Day07: En Route to Sydney

22 May 2009 (Fri)
Accommodation: Xiahe 小舅's home

After one rather sleepless night being tortured by the fallen tree and the ‘定时炸弹’flooding-road, we continue our journey to Sydney. But this time, we choose the mountainous road, even when the GPS tell us the shortest route is to follow the flow of the river.
From Teven (the place where we were trapped) to Sydney, it’s just unless driving. Nothing much to write, so I will let pictures do the talking.

The site where we were trapped, with the fallen tree, and our ‘trap mark’
On and off, we see flooded road, farmland, forest, and overflowing river.
Not sure if the Aussies see this often, but I see these pics quite often every year during rainy season in Malaysia.

Didn’t get the chance to experience autumn the last time I went Sweden. This time I finally see reddened maple leaves!

The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour.
I heard there’re more "Big Thing" in Australia. Big Pineapple, Big Apple, yada.. yada.. yada..

In Sarawak, we also have the 'Big Things' and they are the icons of each cities. We have the Kuching Cat, Sarikei Pineapple, Miri Seahorse, Sibu Swam, Serian Durian, Sri Aman Doves, Saratok Oil Palm, and Jakar Pepper...
pics mainly taken from here

At late evening, we finally reach Sydney.
We were warmly welcomed by Xiahe’s 小舅. After staying in the campervan for so many days, stepping into warmly heated house with carpet floor, the feeling is just so… homely.
When dinner is served, all our eyes sparkle. ’cos the dinner is really too well prepared…
Thank you, uncle!
Look at our heavenly expression...
Free style fine-dining #2

Halfway through our Oz Trip----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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