Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Long Hair 我和我的长头发

It has been 5 months since I cut my hair back in Kuching.
And it has really grown...
This is definitely the longest length I have ever had.

Personally I prefer short hair.
Solely because it's easier to take care of.
*wun stink and get oily even not washing for few days.
*wun trap air, which act as an insulater for heat, around my neck
*wun trap and bring dirt n bacteria to my forehead,causing more pimples
*wun get too messy, so no need to wake up too early to spend minutes to comb
*and many more....

So, why is my hair this long then??

Well... having a hair-cut here in Sweden is just so expensive!!!
I have seen SEK300 for a normal hair-cut
and the cheapest hair-cut you can find in Lund, is somewhere near Spoletorp.
My friends here told me that, there you can cut for SEK100, but the uncle from Middle East cant really speak English, so have to 比手划脚.
Still... SEK100 is very expensive for me...
Why should I spend RM50 or S$25 to cut when, in Kuching I can have a haircut for RM4.

Dun care la.
Semester is gonna end soon.
I will just go for my Europe Trip which this long hair.
Hope Central Europe is not too hot for me...
我和我的长头发 - 关德辉
还记得小时候 爸爸曾这么说 你的头发长得这么长
怎么还不去剪短它 做一个好榜样
记得当年年纪小 爸爸的说话就是宝
一手拿着三毛钱 一手拿着鸡蛋糕
找那理发的印度佬 剪掉一千丝烦恼

还记得中学时 老师也这么骂 你的头发还是这么长
怎么还不去剪短它 做一个好学长
当年我胆子不小 老师的话我当做草
一手收拾纸和笔 一手拿起大书包
踏上脚车往校外逃 保住两千丝烦恼

如今我长大了 没人再那么吵 你的头发果然这么长
怎么还不去剪短它 保持好形象
现在的我己不算小 头发也长得刚刚好
不必担心家人骂 不必害怕警察抓
何必理会别人的话 剪掉三千丝烦恼

不必担心家人骂 不必害怕警察抓
何必理会别人的话 剪掉三千丝烦恼
不必担心家人骂 不必害怕警察抓
何必理会别人的话 剪掉三千丝烦恼

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Si Min said...


GES said...

我选择生活简单,不必去烦恼三千烦恼丝。 =)

Z Bang said...

Eng Seng 哥留短发比较阳光,hehe...

GES said...

=) 但要剪也要等我回古晋。