Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Östra Torn Gang Dinner

Today is the last dinner with the full gang of the 6 Östra Tornians.
(well... technically this is incorrect because Jimmy is from Delphi, and Kang Wei is from Vildanden... But who cares, we always had dinner together in OT.)

Back to the dinner.
Shuyi is leaving tomolo...
Back to homeland Singapore...
Back to the land where you can find all kinds of good food... *jealous glare*
Upon her request, we have Rendang! and Corn Soup!
and we had Mixed Brocolli as the vege, and Fries as the side dish.
And to end the meal, we have applemust from Kiviks Musteri to wash the food down.
Quite a scrumptious meal, i must say...
Despite some cock-ups in the preparations, everything actually tastes quite nice...
And I just love it when we have ~1kg of Rendang that we can eat all we want...
Last dinner, last group photo with the 6 of us together.
And looking back....
*taken very long ago when we still have the chilli ketchup
Man! I look so different with long hair...
To Shuyi:
Thanks for washing almost all our dishes.
Hope you can perfect your Apple Crumble, and make 1 with at least 1 sigma of consistency.

To Jimmy:
Thanks for coming over early to help out, despite staying in Delphi.
Hope we can come up with more crazy ideas of cooking the dishes. Muahaha.
And we should really try to hit at least 1 sigma...

To Kang Wei:
Thanks for helping out and coming over early too, especially when you stay the furthest away from OT.
And most importantly, thanks for sharing generously with us all your spicies and prima taste packs. A lot of the food wun taste as nice without those paste.
Hope you will finally get yourself a deep fryer and a bigger pot in Singapore. =)

To Dezhong:
Thanks for bringing in some new recipes that I have never thought of, eg. tomato egg, carrot & pork, etc.
Hope you will learn to love garlic in your dishes. *smirk*

To Stanley:
Thanks for doing some of dishes.
Hope you at least learn some dishes from us to bring back to Singapore. =)
Guys! We Should Really Meet Up To Have A Meal Together Again When We Are Back In Singapore!

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