Friday, May 30, 2008

Journey to SAS Cargo (Malmö), Sending Our Luggages

I am so gonna blog about this...

I can't remember when did we come out with the idea of shipping our luggages, especially the winter clothings, back.
But it was finally done yesterday.
It wasn't easy packing 4 person's stuff into just 2 luggages.
And the fluffiness of the winter jackets just doesn't help.
I fold & roll & stuff & squeeze my winter wear and accessories, together with Vincent's empty note pad and books, into my small luggage.
As for Stanley's Bag, it is even worst. there 4 person's clothes inside...
from the distorted shape in the middle, u can tell how full it is...
I am so scared that the zip or even the bag might just burst anytime during the transport...

Even after much squeezing, we still cant pack everything in.
So, all of us have to compromise.
3 pairs of leather shoes from Me, Stanley & Kane. And The Golden Compass, Notes and More Notes from Vincent.

Step 2: Transporting
It's a hellish job transporting the 2 luggages from Östra Torn, Lund to the SAS Cargo office in Bronsåldersgatan, Malmö.
And weight of the books just make things worse...
So, from Östra Torn, me and Stanley grab the ICA trolley stolen by Dun-Know-Who and push it all the way to the busstop.
We took Bus 166 to Lund Central. and take a train down to Malmö.

The real nasty.. hellish task comes....
Bringing the luggages without the help of the trolley from the train station to the bus stop at Värnhemstorget...
Really is like用尽吃奶的力to push & drag all the way...

And that's not all..
After taking Bus 33 to Stenyxegatan, we have to push & drag again, to SAS Cargo at Bronsåldersgatan.
It's only when we turn into Bronsåldersgatan that we met our 贵人.
A swede actually stop his car and offered to help us bring our luggages.
I'm truly grateful for that.
I never get to ask him his name 'cause he turn his car and drove off as I was asking the SAS Cargo worker for direction of the office.
Here I just wanna say, 'Tack så mycket, Mr. 贵人!'

Initially we want to ship the box on top as well..
Luckily we din... 'cos I think we will really tyre pumchek halfway...

Step 3: Sending
After reaching the TrushForwarding, Malmö SAS Cargo office,
I saw a paper stuck on the door.
"Opening Hours 08:00 - 16:00 Monday - Friday
Lunch 12:00 - 13:00"
I said to myself, 'We are screwed.'
'cos I know it was almost 4:40pm.


We just went in to try our luck.
looks like Lady of Luck is on our side this time.
There I met my 2nd 贵人 for the day.

The lady there, after looking at the
BIG bags we have, allow us to send it in even after their office hour.
I helped the guy bring the luggages to the storeroom to weigh and store them, while Stanley fill in the details since I wun b around when the luggages arrive in Singapore.
The guy came back and tell us a shocking news..

"Your luggages are 63kg."

WTF!!! 63kg!!!
The 2 of us actually drag 63kg of stuff from Lund to Malmö...

Then, another shocking news come like a blow in the head.
After calculating, the lady turn her head over and said, 'The total cost is SEK3900+'

WTF!!! SEK3900+!!!
That's like triple of what I initially tot it would cost.

Looking at us begging for discount, and our pityful & stunt look.
The lady check for another airlines which offer a lower surcharge, and this time the cost is SEK3200.25.
Man.. A pain in the ass...
Reluctantly, I paid with my DBS Debit Card, 'cos we din bring enough cash..
Our Bill. SEK3200.25

Step 3: Going Back

Finally finish the task of shipping our stuff back.
I feel relieved.
At least now I dun have to carry so many things back, and I definitely wun get charged by the airport for overweight luggage.
Now.. Without the heavy luggages, we can actually smile in front of the office...
Some photos taken on our way back.

Google Map say it is 32.8km from Östra Torn, Lund to Bronsåldersgatan, Malmö.
It sure is a long journey there...

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