Monday, May 5, 2008

My Cousin in Olympics

Check out my 表姐, Shareen Png Hui Chuen & her partner, Zyanne Lee Zhien Huey in action in "Good Luck Beijing" 2008 Olympic Games Synchronized Swimming Qualification Tournament.

Duet Technical Routine

Duet Free Routine

What coincidence... First part so 'pirate', second part so 'stadium'...

The tournament ended on 20 April 2008 in the Water Cube, with our Malaysia Team placing #25, just a little bit behind the borderline to squeeze into the final 24 to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games...
Nevertheless, I am still very very VERY proud of her.


I am not a sports person, so I will let IOC do the explanation.

Synchronized Swimming
It looks like perhaps the most effortless event in the Olympic Games, but there is more to synchronised swimming than what appears on the surface. Besides demanding strength, endurance, flexibility, grace and artistry, it requires exceptional breath control. It is no simple task considering they perform strenuous movements upside down and underwater while holding their breath.
[Extracted from International Olympic Committee > Sports > Aquatics > Synchronised Swimming]


Max said...

ya, the music sounds 'pirate' at first part becoz ke used it for the pirate float... in fact that music is a popular music for sporting events... the music tat sounds 'stadium', which is used again in later part of the clip, is from the same piece of music.

so it's not a coincidence. it has 'pirate' and 'stadium' in it juz becoz ke used it tat way.

btw, the music is called 'Carnaval de Paris' by Dario G.

GES said...

Yup. I know KE used that song. That's why I say coincidence, the 教练 also choose this song.