Saturday, November 28, 2009

New way to search Image- Google Image Swirl

Google Image Swirl, a new image search engine, just recently launched by Google, really caught my eyes.

It organizes images into groups and sub-groups, so-called "swirls", based on their visual and concept similarity. In other words, it doesn't just display the most relevant images, it displays the most relevant "GROUPS" of images.
Particularly useful when we are searching for things with many ambiguous meanings.
eg, Apple: the normal red/green apple? or Steve Jobs' Apple?
Pretty cool, eh? =)

Google says that it leverages on 'Picasa Face Recognition'-like technologies to determine how images should be grouped together. But I guess for the current moment the algorithm that looks for meta tags and description of these images are still the main driving force. But as technology advances everyday, I won't be surprised when the day true image-similarity-recognition comes.

Comparing Image Swirl with Microsoft's new Bing Visual Search, I must say I like Google Image Swirl A LOT MORE.
It loads in split seconds, and I especially like the clean interface. Imagine how useful would it be when we can combine Image Swirl with Touchscreen.

Take a look for yourself HERE, and maybe your image searching experience will never be the same.

By the way, it's still in demo stage, so don't be surprised if your query is not included.
A glimpse of Google Image Swirl, using 'Great Wall' as the query.
The main page showing the stacks of images grouped into categories
Images of Map showing the Great Wall of China
Black & White Photo of the Great Wall
People, with the Great Wall as background
Even different angle of viewing the Great Wall

Best of all, it keeps all the images in the links before. So with one click you can go back to where you stray from what you initially want. No more hassle of digging the history AND clicking Back and Forward.


Max said...

Google really DOES UNDERSTAND how we use our computers, Microsoft's still using SCROLLBAR... omg...

GES said...

Haha! that's good-old Microsoft.
Remember the days when we have lots of IE windows on the taskbar, until Firefox come out with Tabs.

But I like the new Silverlight though. Real-time loading of images.

Max said...

i have given up on Microsoft products...

but i'm still relying on Windows... :'(

GES said...

I still prefer MS Office over all the others. IE I trash it aside long ago.
Not really that highly anticipating the new Chrome OS, but looking forward to Google Wave.