Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am Farmer Seng

It seems like farm games is very popular now on FaceBook.
We have Happy Farm, Farm Town, Farm Life, Barn Buddy, TikiFarm, FarmVille, Country Story...

I started with FarmWars.
where you can grow crops in plots, water them, then harvest them when it is ready.
I like the idea, where it is passive gaming. I only need to focus for ~1 minute or so, on a daily basis, then I can quit and do my own work. very much like MouseHunt, that I introduced in my previous post.

My FarmWars Farm
After playing for a month or so, the graphics began to seem too primitive for my liking.
Then wall posts and invitation on FarmVille start to show up in my FaceBook homepage.

My FarmVille Farm

My 兵马俑 animals defending my cottage
It was a good game. Nice graphics. and interactions.
But the farm began to grow too big, and the work of plowing, sowing, watering, and harvesting begin to take too long for my liking.

Then I switch to Playfish's Country Story
My Country Story Farm
This is my favourite Farm Games.
Nice graphics, and frequently updated with not only new crops, but also new features like trees, building, animals, etc.
And you can only work on a maximum of 60 plots of crops. so it won't take too much of my time.

This type of Farm Games grew so popular and addicting that artiste like 蕭敬騰 even wrote songs for them

Haha. In the day I am a farmer researcher working on Arabidopsis thaliana, the model organism for plant research.
At night, I am a farmer farming at my virtual farms.

I am Farmer Seng

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