Monday, November 9, 2009

Malaysian-KEVIIans '05 Dim Sum Gathering

A Dim Sum Buffet Gathering for the Malaysian-KEVIIans of 2005 at Dragon Gate Restaurant, initiated by Charlie.
Initial confirmed no. of ppl coming was 7.
Then after some persuasion and/or sarcasm and/or 发烂炸ism, the number of people present on that day doubled.

Anyway, it has been quite some time since we last met. Mainly because many of us no longer stay in hall after year 2, or graduated after year 3. Many of us seems to have put on some weight. Either because life outside is more comfortable, or life in hall is more stressful, that I do not know.
Nice to catch up with you all. Also good to hear that, despite the economic crisis, all of us have manage to secure a job. =)
Let's meet up again some other day.

Not sure if it is just me, but I think the dim sum at Dragon Gate isn't as nice as the last time I went with Float Design Team.
Dragon Gate (HarbourFront Centre) is a member of the Starling Group of Restaurant, which also includes Orient Ocean (Hotel Miramar), and River City (Excelsior Hotel).
Check the price of the Lunch/Dinner Buffet here.

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