Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Children's Day!

If my memory has not fail me, I don't think I had ever celebrated a Children's Day...
I mean, yes, I do read it in books or so, but don't recall my schools organising events to celebrate this day.

Anyways, my labmates 心血来潮 say wanna celebrate Children's Day by buying chocolates for ourlselves. So we went to Science Co-op to grab a few packs of chocs on the way back to lab.

Here we are, immersing ourselves in the lure and lore of chocolate, curing our chocolate cravings. =)
Happy Children's Day to all Children & 'Those-who-still-keep-a-heart-of-a-Child' out there!

Domo Wants Chocolate!
Did a Wiki search, and to my surprise, this is what I found about Children's Day celebration in Malaysia and Singapore:

In Malaysia, Children's Day is celebrated on the last SATURDAY of October annually. Primary school children normally GO TO SCHOOL on this day to celebrate Children's Day. The schools that are involved would also organise numerous activities for their pupils.

In Singapore, October 1 is the day which Singapore officially celebrates Children's Day, a similar event celebrated every year is Youth Day which is celebrated on the first Sunday of July each year. Children in Singapore DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND SCHOOL on this day.


siNyeE said...

But only primary school students need not attend school on Children's day.Secondary level onwards still attend school as per normal leh.haha.

anyway, i like your DOMO tee! =D

stupid me said...

Ya. I remembered having party with primary school classmates. I still can sing the Children's day song too!

It is on Oct 5 if not wrong cause the song goes like this:
十月五日快乐儿童节 bla bla bla~

GES said...

sinyee: at least u guys celebrated it. But we had a lot more other celebration like Gawai (Harvest Fest), Hari Raya Haji, and the Govenor n Agong's Bday. =)

QianHong: Wiki says International Children's Day is celebrated on June 1 and Universal Children's Day is on November 20.
So... I oso dunno.. These ppl dun seem to be able to make up their mind. =)