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ICN, Finally as an Audience ONLY

ICN 2009...
This is the first time I am sitting down there solely as an audience, and not performing at all. I dun know how the other seniors feel, but personally I think, despite the lousy MC, on the Culture Comm's part, the technical aspect of the performance had improved, less cock-ups, more balance sound. However, as always there are still room for improvements (eg. the wireless mic of the MC).
And as for the culture groups, in general, their performance does touched me.
Here's a summary of my thoughts, and what I think should be improved.
1) KE Titans
I was late, so din catch the KE Titans in action. But from the feedback I gotten from those around, their performance does make people wanna ask for more. So... Kudos! and make sure you all stay for KE Float next year.
For those who has left hall for too long, KE Titans is a new cheerleading culture group in KE.

2) 新谣
新谣or was it 心谣? This is a culture group that I think have a number of people with talents, but was never put to good use... To be very frank, my personal opinion is song-writer should concentrate on writing good songs, and ask someone who can sing and play to perform on stage... When you are on stage, you are not just a singer, you are an entertainer, so give some thoughts as to how to engage your audience... Do tune the guitar before going on stage, and I think I mention this somewhere before, a good song usually have a good bass accompaniment (of cos there are exceptions). if not it will sound a bit 'empty', if you get what I mean...

3) Danz Demon
Danz Demon never fail to impress me. Love Yan Ling's Haunting Dream the most. I think I see more potential new dancer this year compared to the last 2 years.
However, it's a bit sad not seeing the KE trademark 'Wushu Dance' on stage this ICN. Wonder who else will choreo Wushu Dance after Jeremy & Sharon left..
Below is the dance choreographed by Yan Ling
Haunting Dreams

4) Chinese Drama 中文戏剧
I dare say this is one of the better ICN Chinese Drama performance in recent years. Simple backdrop yet it easily brings out the scene of a park. Simple and in fact rather cliché plot, yet it engages the audience. and I think they found the right person to act each character. a few 笑点 here and there, and a 完美的结局, just nice for a small production for an event like ICN.

5) KE Voices
Either KE hasn't really had good singers, or their songs they chose just wasn't my type, or they just hasn't filter out the few 老鼠屎. A cappella i think need to build up some 默契. Do check out some of the youtube video of how they perform.
Below are some of my personal favourite:
The Voca People

Sam Tsui with Kurt Schneider

Just love how they always pour their 100% into everything and never holds back.
Btw, it's spelled as A cappella (Italian or [A capella, Latin]) which means 'in the style of the chapel'. and not 'Acapella' as in the programme flow. One way of remembering it, "2 words, 2 P's, 2 L's".

As for choir, I think almost everyone can sing, but not everyone can sing choir. Since it is divided into SATB, it is important to
-sing precisely in tune and with a vocal colour which complements the other singers
-sing at precisely controlled levels of volume, matching the dynamics marked in the score or prescribed by the conductor, and not sing so loudly as to be markedly detectable as an individual voice within the section.
(taken from Wiki)
So I guess if our choir wanna excel, they just need more practice and really pinpoint those 'individualist'.
Btw, one of their songs reminds me of NONO's 嗯哈哈. Haha.
NONO's 嗯哈哈

6) Band
Never enjoyed band performance as an audience before. But I really think we need more singers like Craig, singers who can move the audience with his voice, and gestures. Instrumentalists, learn to control your volumes. Unless it is your solo, perform in harmony with others. They should know that what they hear on stage from their amplifier is different from what the audience hear from the house speakers. So dun 计较 so much on whether u can hear yourself or not, but rather whether the audience can hear the whole band or not. Most of the time the vocalist is being outshined by the instrumentalist. But good things is, after Ding Ying & Marcus, finally we have another good drummer (He should just be a good drummer but never a MC).
Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses

世界が終わるまでは Sekai ga owarumadewa by WANDS

Listen. Even when all the instrumentalists come in, and the background music is 'loud' you can still hear the vocalist. And when the guitarist is doing a solo (like Slash in Gun N' Roses), the others become the background accompaniment. This dynamic and live playing is what make band fun.

7) ElnD (English Literature and Drama)
Personally I feel sad for ElnD. Because at the 1st glance at this programme flow, I din see ElnD (Can you?). It's sad many considered the video a pee point. Sigh... if they were to gain their respect from the residents, I would say go do some research on how to film a short film. How to do 分镜. How to do sound recording (live recording vs post-production recording). How to act. How to wrap up the story nicely so that the audience wun feel it was too lengthy. How to this... How to that...
All in all there are still a lot of learn. If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing right
However, I do feel that asking a group of student to excel in all scripting writing, directing, acting, video shooting, video editing, is just asking too much from them. If ICN is not their major project, why not scrap the idea of filming a video, and put in all forces into Drama Fest.

8) Wushu
I'm not a wushu person, so cant tell which is 高难度动作, which isn't. But the 集体基本功performance by the freshmen and beginners are the most 整齐 compared to the past 4 years. The story is forever so cliché, but I think the length of each part is just nice.
Thanks, Jeremy and Sharon so committing so much in choreographing and training them even after you have graduated.
To KE Media people,
It pleased my eyes to finally see people wearing their KE Media Shirt when covering the events.
I think it's time to make it compulsory for all photographers, videographers and reporters to wear the black shirt. And not a fancy white dress with a furry plush toy on the back like the photographer in front of me. We are here to enjoy the performance, not the reporters.
To the Culture Comm,
Kudos! It was a good ICN.
If last year they raise the standard in terms of setting up the ambiance, this year you guys set the standard in technical aspect. No more obvious cock-ups, smooth programme flow, etc..
Do take note, a bad MC could spoil your whole show. So choose your MC wisely. a MC is called Master of Ceremonies for a reason. Think last year's pair-up of Jia Yan & Jean was the best.
But I feel happy for them, for the fact that they can come together, and smile at the end of the production. I think many will stay on in this comm. And hopefully whatever experience and feedback, be it good or bad, will be passed on.
Coming back to ICN will be an annual thing to me for many years to come.
And a group photo at the end is definitely a must.
Looking at them on stage does make me a bit 技痒. I dun know when was the last time I touch a guitar...
Talk about my guitar... It's still with ANTHONY!!!

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