Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shin!

Happy Birthday, my Dear!
May all your wishes came true!
We went to celebrate at Empire State at Iluma.
Rather nice place, with very friendly waiter/waitress, delightful ambiance...
And most importantly GOOD FOOD!!
at reasonable price.
We ordered a Crab-fat Prawn Spaghetti, their House Burger, a Sizzling Brownie.
The burger really come in a big portion with authentic freshly cooked beef patty (not your normal McDonald factory manufactured patty). I'm not someone who is picky about pasta, so I cant really comment on it, but it tasted good with fresh prawns. The walnut brownie served with warm, fudgy, rich, gooey, sinful chocolate and a mandatory scoop of vanilla ice-cream makes it truly an indulgent dessert.
Yum... Yum...
Above all that, the light-hearted menu, with funny quotes as ''The only time I go on a diet is while I'm waiting for the pasta to be served," and the many 'Did you know...' corner really keep us entertained while waiting for the food to be served.
Now I know why there is no 'HAM' in HAMburger.
It's 'cos the term "Hamburger" is derived from Hamburg (a city in Germany). And not some burger with ham!
(read the 'Did you know...' at the lower left corner)
For those who still cant link the Empire State Building with a gorilla, maybe this picture will help.
The scene of King Kong (1933 or Peter Jackson's 2005 version) climbing up the Empire State Building, fending off some biplanes, and later fell off to his death is a classic in movie history.

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