Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Dawn for KE?

It was a dramatic election indeed...
From the day I know that there will be a competition
I see the growth of another person who have the heart to serve the hall
I see efforts being put into rallying to gain more votes.. more trust...
I see how politics can change a person
I see the rise of residents' awareness towards hall politics and the future of the hall
and from tonight's DRAMATIC vote counting,
I see a rise in tolerance level of our fellow hallmates towards having representative from the third largest population in the hall
Nationality and racial segregation is inevitable, at least as of now.
It is just human nature to categorize things into smaller group for ease of understanding
But the day we can see each other as KEVIIans and not Mr XY and Ms XX from Country M/S/C, is the day KE7 is truly united.
How I wish things like this can happen in Country M

But I must say the road will not be as smooth
The 1st step to would be to gain support from the senior management and the residents.

Can KE soar up high?
It all depends on you and me...

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Max said...

ya... it doesn't depend on the new dawn, Mr XY, or Ms XX... it depends on YOU and ME.