Monday, March 2, 2009

My Name? An Ambigram?

The farewell gift from Siou Ting,
I realise my name can actually be an ambigram
You can still more or less tell the letters 'ENGSENG' even when it's upside down!!

With the help of the website below, I created my own real ambigram.

Talk about ambigram, I am so looking forward to
Another novel by Dan Brown. Movie to be released in May 2009

Personally, I think Angels and Demons is much better than Da Vinci Code.
The 节奏 is more 紧凑, as everything is happening in just 24 hours.
I shall not give any spoilers here.
Wait for a few more months for the movie. Or even better go read the novel.
Trust me, you will understand the movie more.

The four elements of the Illuminati
Try clicking on the ambigram
Create your own ambigram of your name here: OR


lulu_ma said...

yeah, i read the book sometime ago and i agreed that it is better than DaVincci's Code.


i cant agree with u more. it was the first english novel that i've ever read thoroughly for more than 1 time.

GES said...

Can't wait for the movie to come out.