Monday, March 2, 2009

Farewell, Siou Ting..

Last week we bid farewell to our dear Assistant Research Officer (ARO), Siou Ting, as it was her last week here with us in our lab in TLL.
It has been few days since she left for Malaysia.
And it really doesn't feel the same anymore, without her laugher and voice.

I wonder how the lab will be after all of us leave..
Shan Shan, Edwin, Norman, Seng Wee & I, the attachment students leaving after we completed our Honours/UROPS attachment
Sun Bo & Kian Hong most likely leaving in a year's time after they completed their PhD
Then the lab will be left with the Post Doc, Yifeng, Yuki & Kazue, and of cos Boss, Dr Ito...
Well, I guess it's a cycle that every lab faces.
Students come, students go...

A small farewell gathering at the Level 4 Pantry in TLL
Siou Ting giving each of us a pen as a farewell gift.
A last group photo of my whole lab, with Siou Ting
(from left: Yifeng, Yuki, Dr Ito, Kian Hong, Seng Wee, Siou Ting, Me, Shan Shan, Edwin, Sun Bo, Norman)
When you are away..
The souvenir from Siou Ting

We will miss you...

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