Sunday, February 1, 2009

Celebrating 人日 ~捞鱼生~

Finally the day of the actual 捞
Upon request by Mr Bear, everyone is to bring some food for pot-luck
So this time we have many tit-bits from home all over M'sia, cheese cake (^o^), chocolate from Japan (*^O^*)
sure is mouth-watering...
well.. except the 捞'ed YuSheng at the lower right


video in Facebook

The 鱼生 (again without the fish)
But I think the one we prepared for Dry Run look much better. =P
Many thanks to those who were present to make this 捞鱼生 a memorable one
Even more thanks to those who insisted that this 捞鱼生 was to be carried out in E712. =)
Thank you so much for sparing me from mopping the floor.
Some pictures to be for remembered
1. The Peeping Toms caught red-handed
2. Wuhong's 'Seduce Me PLEASE' pose.

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so fun!!!!!!!!

omg i miss u all so much