Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally Finish Uploading

Finally finish uploading my tons of photos taken during exchange in Sweden, and especially those taken during my final Ultimate EUROam trip around the European continent.
Can finally delete the 20+ GB of photos off my harddisk.

Oh well.. dun think anyone would have the patience to go through each and everyone of them.
After all they were all taken around one year ago. =)
But I upload them here in case anyone wanna use them as a reference to plan their next trip.

Enjoy! My one whole exchange semester worth of joy & excitement.

For Ultimate EUROam Trip, Click here

For others taken during the term time (Sweden, Norway, UK, Finland), Click here
All links to my Picasa web album can be found at the right side tab under 'My Links'.

For those who prefer to view and comment in Facebook, Click here

EURAIL Map.pdf
Route Ultimate EUROam.jpg
Itinerary (Places of Interest).doc
Ultimate EUROam Final Statement (GES).xls

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