Friday, August 8, 2008

Rag Day 08/09 - KE7 Alcázar

My 4th time joining KE7 Rag.
Year 1 as a side prop helper.
Year 2 as a Supporter IC (connection between KEWOC,Freshmen & Float).
Year 3 as a Static Department Head.
This year as a validator, going other hall n 鸡蛋里挑骨头.
To be honest it is quite a sai kang. cos personally I think validating other Participating Bodies (PBs) isn't really that important.
A winning float will still be a winning float no matter how many minor faults they made, no matter how many pts you deduct from them...
Thus, I would really prefer to bump in with the floaters n freshmen, than spending my night with another validator from Sheares Hall, validating Eusoff Hall.
Anyway, my last year in hall d.
Next year I shall just sit back n watch the whole presentation. =)
"Alcázar, Where tales come to life"
That's the theme of KE7 float this year.
(Dunno if it is mere coincidence, this year's Orientation theme also uses a Spanish word-Constelación, Together We Shine)

The story tells of a little boy who dreamed of becoming a knight.
He was summon to the poker kingdom to defeat the evil Joker who capture the King & Queen and plague the kingdom.
Like all fairy tales, after overcoming waves n waves of obstacles, he finally released the kingdom from the hand of the Joker.
(*reminds me a lot of the manga, MÄR Heaven, Märchen Awakens Romance)

Overall the Floaters and Dancers have put in a lot of effort to make this magnificently beautiful float, not forgetting the help from the freshmen during the last few weeks b4 Rag Day, and for their help for moving the props.
For the number of ppl in the committee, I think it is a job well done. Although there are still rooms for improvements.

Here is the Dynamic Presentation of the KE7 Float - Alcázar

Dynamic Presentation from another angle

The 'Little Boy' in the story
The people working behind the float
Photos with the Main FloatThe KEVIIans cheering behind
"An alcázar is a Spanish castle, from the Arabic word القصر al qasr meaning palace or fortress." Wikipedia
Green Hall & Yellow Hall have uploaded the dynamic presentation of the 6 halls to YouTube.
Can visit their user page to see the presentation of the other 5 halls

Something to ponder for the 小的们:
To be very very frank, when I 1st got back on 19/7, I was quite shocked with the workmanship.
I dunno what went wrong in the 传承 process, and I am quite sure many seniors share the same view as me.

Here I just wanna say something in general...
-Be proud of your prop. Put in your best effort from designing scales, cutting scales to pasting them onto the prop. If they are hidden or blocked, fight for your prop to be seen. (note: the best view need not necessary be the front view)
-The advices and suggestions from the seniors may not always be the best under certain circumstances, but do take them into consideration. After all, we wun have all the time n chances to repeat all their mistakes.
-To ensure we can not only sustain our standard, but also continue to grow, we should pass down down our knowledge and skills. The best way to do it is to join the Float Committee again next year. To a certain extent, refer to or even learn from the Blue and Orange Hall.
KE7 All the way...


Max said...

Blue and Orange Hall... 学我?哈哈哈

u used the collage function of picasa issit? i think it's not very good to create collage of people... a lot of people kena blocked...

GES said...


Lazy to use photoshop to edit one by one. so just use the idiot-proof software lo. i oso know the arrangement quite CMI. or you have any software to recommmend?

Max said...

picture grid mode is better i think, can see everyone clearly. or if u r naughty enough, can use multi-exposure, cannot see anyone/thing... =P

GES said...

i prefer picture pile leh.
mayb next time try putting less photo at a time